Apr 3, 2019
I think it is your ears and brain adjusting to the sound signature of the new speakers, headphones, etc. How you hear sound (frequency range) and materials used to make the item lends to its sound character, but the item itself isn't, "breaking in." Also, $1,000 cables and such are just snake oil. There is no sound difference between a 12 gauge copper speaker wire bought at Menards and a fancy schmancy 12 gauge $1,000 speaker cables wrapped in the tears of children. You can tell yourself that all you want to justify the purchase. I don't care, you do you; but they sell ridiculous priced stuff like this because people like to have exclusive stuff. Lastly, the concept of "Pace, Rhythm and Timing" of electronics is also hogwash. Many professional reviewers use these imaginary, non-measurable descriptors when talking about amps, cd players, speakers, and whatnot, but it is all nonsense trying to justify the price tag of some shiny $2,000 piece of gear that has the same internal electronics as the $50 Dayton Audio version purchased on Parts-Express. Don't get me started on Bose. Background: I have bought and sold Hi-Fi equipment for years. At one point it was like a part-time job I bought and sold so much. I had five different audio set-ups, rotating equipment as I acquired and sold it. After all that and having owned speakers and amps worth thousands of dollars, my go-to set ups for several years have been: Upstairs: AudioTechnica Turntable McIntosh MA6200 Integrated (mid 1970s) Polk Audio Monitor 10 HiFiman HE4XX Downstairs: Pioneer Turntable Onix SP3 tube amp (new old stock tubes) Rotel CD player Polk Audio Monitor 7
Apr 13, 2019
There's a ton of hogwash out there man, especially with the component systems. Once you know what's really in that big black box, your whole perspective changes.
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