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Best in ear headphones under $100

I would like to buy a new set of in-ear headphones and I am interested to hear what your suggestions are. My budget is a maximum price of about $100.

Get on the Final Desing Audio Heaven III drop RIGHT NOW! For $70 they're a steal. Those in ears are amazing if you're ok with the bass taking the backseat and appreciate instrument separation and soundstage
+1 for the Hifiman RE-400. Use this pair daily at work and love them.
I can't get behind the RHA, adds a funky metallic/hard sound to vocals. Really wanted to like it but I can't seem to get both a comfortable fit and good sound out of it. For under $100 I would definitely recommend the Vsonic GR07 Classic for neutralish leanings, the Vsonic VSD5 for a more v-shaped tonality and I don't have a "warm and smooth" headphone sub $100 so I can't help there. My non-audio friends have stated on more than one occasion that the GR07's plus my X3ii/E12a stack was the best thing they've ever heard from a portable rig. It's most certainly not the greatest but most of my portable listening is casual and cellphone based. The serious listening happens at home.
Slightly above 100$, better grab an RHA MA750i or the cheaper version without the remote and mic. Best value in-ears nowadays.
Hifiman RE-400, Fiio EX1, 1MORE Triple Driver, << these are the best under 100$ iems currently on the market :)
no prob jibbe!
Shure SE 215, Hifiman RE-400, RHA MA-750. Take your pick. Shures and RHAs have slightly elevated bass. Hifiman is more neutral. Shures have removable cables. RHAs are probably more like $120 typically.