How to give your car key to a valet
It's probably not best to hand off your house keys to a stranger. Imagine you're on a date and you want to look smooth handing off only your car key to the valet. Instead of struggling to pull your car key off the main key chain try the BOCONI Crocodile Key Fob for an easy snap-on / snap-off closure. The one side has a snap, perfect for looping through just your car keys. The other side has a secure ring for everything else. Part of looking smooth is doing things effortlessly, it's the little things!

Apr 2, 2020
Oh, Unfortunately, the embeded video is not working for me. Anyways, McLaren built an exclusive supercar. The presentation of another “memorable” variation of the Elva speedster design, which car carzaamin(.)com was developed by the McLaren Special Operations (MSO), took place. Now the supercar has received a touch of the racing conceptual model M6A, which for 5 years in a row shone in the Can-Am series and the first acquired orange in the McLaren line. Anyways, thanks for sharing the nice piece of stuff with us.