Jan 11, 2017173 views

Suggestion and advice for DAP

Hello community, currently I am looking for an DAP for day-to-day use which have good price to performance ratio. I am not an extreme audiophile but I would to have a nice DAP that can play lossless and FLAC file type. My budget is around $350+-. Currently I have ATH m50x, Sennheiser HD 598 and ATH IM 01 balance earphone.
These are the current DAP im looking at:
- Hifiman supermini
- Astell&Kern AK Jr
- SONY Walkman NW-A25

currently LG V20 openbox is on sale for 300. It has very good dedicated DAC.
I guess user removable batteries is a must have feature if you plan to use it for over 2-3 years. Most of the batteries gets under 50-60% capacity over a few years..
XDuoo X10 is cheap and sounds pretty decent.
I've just been using my iPhone 7 with VLC player and an iOS 192khz DAC/AMP.