High Fidelity Cables Trinity Go

This is the headphone device from Rick Schultz at High Fidelity Cables which will introduce Headphone listeners to Magnetic Conduction, a new technology based upon electromagnetism to reduce noise floor and increase Sound Quality whether you have $1,000 or $39 headphones.

We at Affordable Audiophile will be reviewing this product and hope to share our results. At $299, we feel the Trinity Go is an affordable headphone accessory, which after listening to your Music, with it inline, you might wonder how you got along without one.

Hey everyone. I'm getting a lot of flags from here (shocker right?) so I'm going to go through and remove the ad hominem attacks that I see, but am leaving the overall post because I think the technical information being shared here is beneficial to anyone who reads it.
Nov 2, 2018
You are taking away some of our entertainment.. ad hominem = insecure poor taste - so I just look at it reflected... but just out of curiosity... where was the “technical information” part in all this?,,, must’a missed that... This is authentic material for an SNL skit about audiophiles,,, I was waiting for stuff like “Jane, you ignorant slut”, ah the good O’l days of quality TV...
If you read the review, I said that we were reviewing a product. Nothing more, nothing less. Responding to personal attacks, I probably should have just ignored, but everyone has a limit. I have thick skin, I laugh at the folks who think that I am "selling $300 wire". People want to engage, and insult, and then they flag the response. Sad, because people regularly pay well over $300 on Headphones, and Headphone Amplifiers, right here on Massdrop. If they have never heard of Magnetic Conduction, this is a rather inexpensive accessory to discover the benefits. Instead, I am being pilloried by ignorance. Therefore, If the readers are interested, they can read my reviews at www.facebook.com/affordableaudiophile. I am no longer following comments on here, as I have better things to do with my time. Unfortunately, others seem to have too much time to troll.
Nov 1, 2018
this guy should be banned off posting on massdrop for being a scammer and a toxic troll.
Bless your heart, you are a kind person. [moderated]
Nov 2, 2018
I know. [moderated]
Jay Dunn knows how to use Google. I am so glad public education is paying off.
Because this is such a bizarre conversation that provides some stellar bathroom reading: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/38639-how-much-disrespect-is-alllowed-on-computer-audiophile/?page=14&tab=comments#comment-791020. This is next level crazy...
You are way behind. But if you thinking quoting March comments from another forum buttresses your opinions, you have taken those comments out of context. And Chris Connacker's "Computer Audiophile" is bloated with hot-air. The citation was my final comments to a discussion with trolls, and had nothing to do with audiophile discussions.
Have I? I guess that's why you were banned, right? Stay classy, bigbob.
The physics claims here are questionable, and show a fundamental misunderstanding of conduction: through magnetic alignment of electrons, the current is guided to flow only in the center of the conductor, which is assumed to be preferable. Here's the problem: even if their mechanism somehow accomplished this (it won't), resistance is dependent on the cross sectional area of a conductor. If you want to to run lots of current on a conductor, you need to make resistance low, otherwise lots of loss (heat!), this is why larger diameter gauges are used for higher power loads. If you narrow the cross section for current (aka by forcing current to only flow in the 'center) you actually INCREASE the resistance and LOSSES of the conductor. By analogy: if we compare current in a conductor to water in a pipe, it is hopefully intuitive to understand that restricting flow to only a center portion of the pipe will increase pressure (aka resistance) when you are trying to pump water through. . . Disagree? Hold your ears to the physics: Ohm meter with sufficient accuracy is likely ~$15 on Amazon. Why not do some actual journalism in your review and investigate their claims? I'd be willing to walk you through conduction modelling and relevant emag physics pro bono :)
"The design goal behind all of our Reveal products is to hit a benchmark surpassing any and all cable technology to date. This doesn't include High Fidelity Cables, as technically they're not cables as they use a different technology altogether - magnetic conduction. However, all other brands and cable types were included in the design parameter to be transcended. Although the Reveal is economical in comparison to its competitive products, it is by no means an entry-level product. It is extremely high-end, but confusion arises from the fact that it is affordable and affordable usually does not typically denote high-end."--http://www.highfidelitycables.com/products/speaker/reveal/
Funny. Mock the amputee who get free stuff to review, while you have an answer for everything, and have to pay for your toys...
Oct 31, 2018
Nov 1, 2018
well yeah you aren't providing any type of proof that it works so yeah ignorance is bliss. this is what i got out of your little "review": "these things are good yeah ok believe me ok??? yeah they are amazing yeah they work man trust me... trust me dude!"
You will never hear the difference anyhow...this is a high-end product, and you are not a high-end person
Oct 30, 2018
"At $299, we feel the Trinity Go is an affordable headphone accessory"


Oct 30, 2018
I was joking; but for your question my answer would be a big no but I think a headphone for "$299" is worth it unless it is Bose, Beats and any other of those clusterfuck brands. Also I am getting the HE4XX which is basically a HE400i without the quality issues but also cheaper. EDIT: I am going for HD599 instead
Cool, I am just getting into headphones and I want to try the Senn 6xx and the HiFiMan ones---I would never pay $300 for Beats or Bose...sennheiser, beyer, A-T and AKG all make good moderately priced headphones for under $200, and of course ones that cost 4x that much. I figure if either you live in an apartment with thin walls, or you have a new baby-- headphones are a wonderful way to hear music. My dog loves me to use mine... :)
For those who think the Trinity Go is a "$300 piece of copper wire", you haven't even bothered to do a simple google search before making your ignorance public. It is a device with a1/8th input and a 1/8th output, which is used inline on your speaker cable. The difference in sound quality is nothing short of remarkable. The sound-stage opened up and the noise floor disappeared. $300 is not a alot of money in High-End Headphones, headphone amps. Ain't those earbuds that you listen to great...and they came FREE with your phone.... [moderated]
So sorry that you feel this way. Again this is not a cable. If something upsets you, walk away, don't engage. I stand by my statements. [moderated]
I apologize for making this personal.
Oct 27, 2018
I'm hoping this is a parody of sorts, given you are describing some copper wire for $300 as affordable, and think you have special hearing powers that allow you to hear music in ways others never will, but the fact that you might be dead serious says a lot about the community
First--no $300 wire here. This is a wave-guide that is plugged into your cable. Second--I don't have special hearing pwers. I doubt if you do either. So what part of that ad hominum attack are you defending? Third-- Some headphones cost well over $300, same for headphone amplifiers. Do you think that they are a "parody of sorts" given that I am NOT describing some "$300 wire as affordable" and you are correct. This whole discussion says a great deal about this so-called community.
Oct 26, 2018
Absolutely nonsense. There's literally zero reason for a cable, regardless of purity of material and delicate workmanship, to cost more than $25 or so. The fact you're selling them at 15X this price is outright usury.
Guess what,,, no matter how cheeap a spool of wire costs, and who cares that you can buy a Gross of connectors from China---this is a High-End accessory for folks who have already spent over $300 on a set of quality headphones, and maybe over $1,000 on a tube headphone amp. Drive your dirty old Datsun down to the Mercedes dealership and window shop for things you cannot afford. And please go in and tell the salesman how cheap your Datsun cost in 1972, before it got all the rust, and those crumpled fenders. Apples and Oranges--both fruity.
where is the cable?
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