Jan 11, 201788 views

Need some ideas for some IEMs

So awhile back I bought some Shure se535 off of Wish, they broke, I sent them in and found out they were knock offs. Which is cool because they only costed $60, and they seemed to sound decent enough. Well I've been looking at IEMs looking to upgrade. I have been looking at the Shure 215 or the Weston's W series 20-40.
I would mostly use them for everyday use, music, movies, games. Are there any others that are favorites? What are some you might recommend without breaking the bank?

GR07 Classic unless you are a bass head... smaller form factor and more natural than the RHA IMO (yes own both still)
The only problem is I am a huge fan of interchangeable cords, the cords always give out on me
I really enjoy RHA MA750i. It has a surprisingly wide and detailed soundstage, balanced frequency response with deep bass. Comes with a carrying case and lots of tip options to get the right fit in you ears. Blocks the outside noise passively in a considerable amount. Has a 3-button-remote and a nice quality mic to answer calls etc which is a plus. (There is a non-i version which has no remote nor a mic, and cheaper). Fantastic quality for the price and I think it is the best bang-for-the-buck in ear nowadays. That's it, lotsa value!