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Godspeed MT3 PBT


StickFig, George Papanikolaou, and 129 others

Oh my goodness there are soo many options! Amazing work!
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Yeah, with all the sets that have launched this year, were definitely going out on a bang, aren't we?
@Starius I could't have said it better
Well I bit the bullet on these. Solar Alphas, Apollo Mods, Novelties, and Micons Accents just so I can mess with the layout a bit. Now I need you to get us them new desk mat designs. ;)
Working on those!
I'm thinking about getting this set for my minivan. Therefor I would need a 1.25u key for R2. Is there a kit which has this key? If not I would probably get this keyset for another keyboard!
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Thanks for the quick reply! As I said it is very likely that I'll buy this keycap set nevertheless although I don’t have a suitable keyboard at the moment. MT3 and Godspeed is just such a nice combination, I would certainly regret to let this pass.
Verify the render gallery, so many cool options, maybe it will help you http://mitormk.com/gmt3renders
This is going to be my first keycap set (so I'm sorry if this is a dumb question) but which sets should I pick up if I have a 60% with a 2U shift layout? Will the alphas + modifier cover it?
Yes, it will cover.
Is it Monday yet? ;P
 Monday, December 3 at 6 a.m. PT.
haha.. I am sitting here mulling over the kits I am going to buy... I have a list of "needs" and "wants" and still fall under budget. So now I am torn. Do I save the extra $ or add? and if I add, is it Ares Milky Way or Mars Milky Way...
@MiTo That laser themed solar system mat looks nice, would definetly pick it up if it dropped.
Hello MiTo, Could you include a R4 "UP" key in the Ortho kits for those who want to use the inverted-T arrow keys on Ortho such as in the /dev/tty Ortho kit? Thank you!

Hey @sylleo thank you very much for the feedback and suggestion! I really appreciate it... However, it is a bit too late now for me to add/swap keycaps around the kits (we already pre-launched and people are planning their setups. So the arrows on the Ortho kit will remain as they are. However, your message intrigued me and I went ahead and started some testing and I discovered something awesome.
What you see above is the arrows rotated 180 degrees, installed on the inverted T position you suggested. These are R4 but like I said they are rotated upside down and I typed using them and it felt pretty darn good actually. The negative angle is very comfortable and I am positively surprised. That said, I think the best thing inverted T Ortho users could do is - order the Arrows kit and instal it inverted. What do you think?!
Hey these look sick! I was planning on getting the minuteman for my race 3, and a lunar set for my CTRL. I was wondering if you planned on making usb cords like you had in one of your renders. The wire looked awesome and really caught my eye.
Happy you enjoy the cable I am trying to bring people on board to make some dope looking ones, even aviator!
@MiTo Is it safe to assume that this new profile and material will get you to bring back some more awesome colour ways in recent future? This already looks like it's going to be the biggest hit on Massdrop.
Cant wait to order... i am newbie and anne pro user.. which one i should order to be a "Mars Colony" Mecha Squad...?
Depends on your keyboard! Which one you've got? Most likely Alphas or Kobe or Kadet or Rams + Apollo Mods or Ares Mods or Apollo Micons or Ares Micons.
I want this so bad.
Liftoff soon mate!
I'm so ready!
Cool idea with the monokit but homing H, U, N, T keys would be a dream. Please make it happen!
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I will have to look at prices if I can afford it but if it's cheap I'm also interested in the glow in the dark kit, I meant to ask for homing HUNT in that set :)
Ah I see, I understand what you suggested. Hard to justify the addition as you can see the kit is very skinned and compact, like you said, in favor of attractive price!
Oh, right, one more thing! As far as I can see, there is only one color option for 6.25u and 7u spacebars, is that on purpose or could we maybe get an extra spacebar kit or two for colorful spacebars?
Is it possible to add some R0 1.5 keys to the Exotic set for the Race3 and any other odd 75% boards out there?
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Great! I love my Race, but man that top row can be a bummer sometimes.
I agree, the way that MT3 profile is currently designed it’s not possible to cover the keyboard properly. That’s why Vortexgear is getting rid of that weird row with the new Vortex Race!
So……is this one possible drop in November? That's we care about
It's going live next Monday!
One thing I've found with my dev/tty set is that the R1 1.5u keys for the ergodox set don't match the rest of the R1 1u keys. The front lip (south facing?) is a bit higher than it should be. It's a bit more visible in this pic from another user (https://i.redd.it/khjzbygbdmm11.jpg). Not a dealbreaker or anything but could this be fixed in time for this group buy?
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Sounds good, thanks MiTo.
It took me a white but I see it now. I had one of those kits in person but didn't examine it that closely. But I can definitely see it.
Hey is the 6u spacebar only center mount?
Dropping a quick line with a couple updates, due to popular request:
  • Swapped Ortho Mods bottom row to R5 (flat), it was previously R4;
  • Added Micons support and regular colors ISO enters to UK & Norde kits.



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Hello MiTo, what is the exact reasoning for the R5 Ortho bottom row, seeing how the staggered modifiers are still using R4, is there an advantage to this? And if this is because of the use of existing 1u R5 molds, then could you add a R4 "UP" key to the Ortho kit for those who want to use the inverse-T arrow keys on Ortho.

Cool. I can't imagine actually, you know, typing on it.
Hi @MiTo, any chance of getting an ISO enter key for the Minuetman set? Also is it possible to have an orange ISO enter key in the ISO kits?
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@8BitDuck done!
Awesome, cheers.
Would it be possible to add a R4 1.25u shift key to Micons modifier kits? Possibly to the Norde and UK kits if not? Godspeed for ISO Enter is great since it's in an accent color either way, but having SHIFT would kind of disturb the clean Micons look!
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@Priffe done!
Amazing! Thank you MiTo :)
@MiTo So I like the design and I like my tactile silent switches. Does silent switches sounds louder in mt3 profile ?
@MiTo Are you able to share which company is manufacturing this set?
those red green yellow mod you have in samples tho :( will they be offered?
Is it possible to add these keys to any kit? I understand that the alpha kits should probably be kept the same size, but maybe the 'Symm' kit or another one? This is what is necessary to support kana input - actually typing Japanese using the kana rather than latin alphabet input - and supporting Japanese layouts (boards that are made in JIS layout that would need these keys include Filco Majestouch/Minila, some Realforce boards, HHKB JP, Varmilo VA73, Mistel Barocco - customs that can be built in this layout include at least the GH60 and Clueboard, and any custom that supports 2u left shift) As a side benefit, having additional keys on those rows that thematically match the kana alphas fleshes out support for ISO layouts Excuse the poor editing:
That is R4 ろ, R3 む, and R1 ー (Chōonpu). I want to get some japanese caps one day but I want to use them on a japanese keyboard and right now my only option is DSA 2049 which has the downside of not having an in-profile ISO enter and also being not remotely as attractive as this colorway. Also it uses katakana, but I digress... Every time I suggest this to somebody there is usually a few people who chime in and express their interest as well. Love it regardless and I will definitely be joining the GB.
@MiTo I will seriously PayPal you BRL$100 to add these to any kit, I'm begging here lmao
OMG. Minuteman GID😵. Bye bye $
Dropping......MOOOOONDAAAAAYYYYY! The wait is nearly over, ladies and genties! I've been very excited for this set! I've been typing on the dev/tty MT3 caps since they've come out, and it quickly became my favorite profile. I'm pleasantly surprised at how quickly this profile has taken off in such a short period of time. And this new Godspeed release is just mind boggling in how grand a set it is with so many options! Can't wait to see the inevitable pictures people will share of their Godspeed boards!

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The hotswap on the Kira is nice, but the styling is not my taste. The attraction of the Espectro is that bold smooth curve, and the Aurora for simplicity in its looks. I have looked at the Kira many times, but never pulled the trigger because design wise I am not into it
One of the reasons I am holding off on the Espectro, even with its current sale price, is I am willing to wait to see what massdrop may bring us in a much more wallet friendly package. Hotswap is not a priority as I can solder(but a whole PCB would be a job and if I go Espectro I would make it hotswap as it would be my last big board purchase) but it is a nice option to have, RGB is not for me, but I know it's popular and that's why it's on so many boards, and if massdrop only offers RGB for future full size or 96 then I am ok with that. The styling of the hi-pro alt and ctrl is what has me waiting, I just love the way they look, soft and smooth like Espectro but not as aggressive.
hi @MiTo , there's a couple of R5 keys in the Novelties kit. Is that intended for mixing with dev/tty?
Here's why the pair of R5 1u Godspeed logos exist my brother:

haha fair enough, I always skip over Ergo / Ortho stuff =))
Holy shit my wallet already hurts and my heart is reaching max hype with the minuteman set. Ahhhhhh! Now I need another keyboard! Any chance of a add on for a matching numpad on the minuteman colorway?
Introducing the Minuteman, 1st full glow in dark keycap set ever made. The kit is going to be available in PBT material dyesublimated legends and unlike the rest of Godspeed MT3 kits it will be made in the United States with DSA material. It features two new novelties, the alien dude and his flying saucer. Hope you are excited!

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While this is DSA and cool in the dark. I'm wondering how good this will look during daylight. I'm not a fan of the creamy/ light mint color of the glow in the dark plastic.
You mentioned covering odd layouts like the Vortex Race in the Minuteman description, but any chance of adding some additional R0 mods to the Exotic kit for some Race 3 love?
When will today's reveal drop? The anticipation is killing me. I'm looking forward to this set so much!
A couple minutes, Eagle I, please stand by!