Oct 29, 2018

Is it just me or backpacks deals are somewhat limited/repetitive?

Where are the days where we had quality osprey, deuter, gregory packs?
Ettih, oldsparkey, and 2 others

what is that black backpack on the outdoors interest page?  the one with the white water bottle?  Is it for sale here?
Manufactures do not change the design or materials used in backpacks often. So unlike apparel where you’ll find items in end of season clearance sales, packs are carried over for a few years. REI has a couple sales a year where you’ll find good discounts on the brands you mentioned. The brands listed still make good packs. A number of years ago the “go-lite” movement in the industry changed up the materials used in packs a bit. Packs might be slightly less durable but for most users this is not an issue.