Oct 29, 2018

Pre-Amp to feed hungry monster tube amp.

Hi everybody. Need advice from the Many-Headed.
I have an Objective O2 DAC which I bought from MD a long time ago. It was probably their first Objective offering. Pure DAC, no amp. Fantastic product. Clean, detailed and very neutral (not to mention very inexpensive). No longer available.
I also have a Chinese (YAQIN MC-13S 40WPC EL34 6CA7 10L) full size EL34 tube amp (details in this link: https://www.shenzhenaudio.com/yaqin-mc-13s-40wpc-el34-6ca7-10l-vacuum-tube-push-pull-integrated-amplifier.html).
It can’t pick up signal from from the DAC. It needs a preamp. Which DAC-Amp (including past or present MD’s drops) will be best able to give a clean preamp output to feed this monster? I can wait for an old MD drop to re-drop, or search outside of MD. Several tube based preamps available but mostly Phono stage devices. May not be suitable.

I have a Denafrips Ares R-2R DAC... I have no idea of your budget... I do know that I have never heard anything as alive, as what this helps produce. If I had more coin to blow, I would get the next up in the line: https://www.vinshineaudio.com/product-page/denafrips-ares-r2r-dac
Hey, thanks. Will look it up.