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Tight, Fast, Bassy?

So I'm looking to step up from my Fidelio X2's, I'd like to find something with a more refined bass response, and maintain as large of a sound stage as possible. I tend to prefer a warm headphone, and overly bright treble is something that doesn't agree with my ears. I already have a pair of the 58X's and find the bass to be unenjoyable, and they feel extremely claustrophobic after listening on the X2's.
So far my only real contender is the Argon MK3 as I think the DT880 250Ohm will be too bright, I'd love to get some suggestions for cans at $350 or less.

The Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro is probably a good candidate too. The treble peak doesn't come across to near the extent of the DT990 or 880 does. What version of the X2s do you have? I have the X2HRs and honestly if they had been my first headphone I probably would have stopped looking for a loooong time!
I have a set of the originals, picked them up "open box" on amazon...meaning minor box damage. Thankfully mine don't have the glued pads. I don't think I'll use anything else for casual gaming and movies, and I have the 58X for imaging in FPS games. I'd like to get something more neutral with good sub bass extension, If I decide to drop $600 there are a lot of well regarded cans that I have no ability to audition.
I would audition some planar magnetic headphones. Oftentimes they can have really nice, tight bass (they don't suffer from distortions in the bass when EQ'd up either).
I'd suggest the ongoing MassDrop x HiFiMan Edition XX for $599. I am a Fidelio X2 owner looking for a step up as well with your same tastes, and the only plausible upgrade is to go from Dynamic Driver to Planar Magnetic. Of all the Planar Magnetic headphones out there, HiFiMan Edition X has the highest rating of a soundstage on Rtings.com, sitting 2nd only to the Sennheiser HD800. Moreover, stated specs of Edition XX is that it's tuned to be slightly warmer than the original Edition X which I had the pleasure of extensively listening to. I would however clarify that HiFiMan's bass is not the punchy and boomy bass - of e.g. Audeze LCD-X or Fostex TH-900 - but its that of a rumbling, revealing, amd clean bass that doesn't bleed into the mids.
Looking at the 1060c just because it's half the price right now. I'd really like something with good sub bass extension while avoiding bleeding into the mid range, and a punchy signature more so than boomy, as well as being more revealing in the treble range. My tastes may just be larger than my wallet.
Agreed, the Edition X's bass section is controlled and extended, in line with the rest of the sound spectrum. Almost neutral to a fault.
I know what you want, but it'd cost over 10x your budget and that's just for the headphone
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Not really fast though (not slow either however). Actually my top recommendation with no concerns for budget would be a Stax SR-009 paired with a very revealing system that brings out the best of it, and on the non-electrostatic side of things I'm guessing the Abyss Phi CC would be the best choice.
However, I think he's seeking a warmish signature close to that of the Fidelio X2. Anyway, these are out of the question haha
I think the Edition XX will be worth saving up for
If you can find one, Audioquest Nighthawks! ;D
They're $300 on Amazon, I'll definitely look into them more! Thanks for the advice.
You will need to find a sale but I think the Shure 1540 meets most of your sound requirements. 350 is about as low as I've seen them. If you don't like bright treble you should skip 99% of the Beyer line. They have a spike between 7-10khz in the vast majority of their headphones. The shure is a downward sloping frequency response with sub bass being the most prominent.
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Monoprice gear rarely disappoints for its price point, they don't make gear that I feel will last the test of time however. The XX is now off the table, ran into a close out deal on last years Marantz SR6012 and I needed a new processor. If anyone needs a full function processor with all the modern goodies for less than $1K this is about the only option on the market right now. Will still use the receivers outputs for Atmos speakers (until I buy yet another amp)
The more I look around, the more I find myself looking at the DT 1990, Amiron Home, and the Hifiman Edition XX, but you know...almost double my price point.