Oct 31, 2018

Will massdrop be collabing a dac/amp combo that can also power a set of bookshelf speakers?

Ok, so is massdrop planning a colllaboration for an affordable DAC/Headphone Amp combo that can output to speakers? I'm trying to set up a therapeutic space that can have both headphones and speakers for group therapy/aftercare

If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive and discreet solution, look at the SMSL AD18 and Q5. Either is well under $200 on Amazon.
This is what is known as an integrated amp with HP out. Lots of options out there in the world, not a lot on Massdrop. Look at the Emotiva BasX line as well as Parasound, Pro-ject, PS Audio, Cambridge Audio, NAD and the like.
They did the Sprout 100 awhile back, I'd personally love to see a BasX A-100 with the Grace SDAC inside for $300 or less.