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THX Spatial Audio is coming...

Hey Massdroppers, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at some cool audio tech we're working on with leading device manufactures and streaming/broadcast platforms around the world.
It's called THX Spatial Audio and it's going to change the way you experience your favorite entertainment. No more dependencies on channel-based surround sound set ups! Using higher-order Ambisonics and objects within the audio design process, you'll experience deeper immersion and incredible realism of sonic soundscapes in a 360 degree sphere all around you with headphones or speakers. Leveraging MPEG-H content creators will be able to deliver more audio data with a smaller audio payload, unlocking unprecedented levels of accessibility, fidelity, and interactivity with your content. Imagine watching a sporting event on your mobile device and being able to toggle between specific mics used to record the content, effortlessly change the language or the commentator, or turn the commentary off all together.
You'll be hearing lots more about THX Spatial Audio in the near future from THX and our premium partners from around the globe.

YOUR ENTERTAINMENT COMES ALIVE MOVIES: Get right in the middle of the story with enhanced streaming, broadcast, and recorded movies paired with next-gen spatial audio that blows surround sound out of the water.
GAMING: Level up your gaming audio with enhanced communication, more detailed soundscapes, and better control of your gaming sound. Whether it’s a magic chest with an extra life or a sniper at 1,000 paces away, you’ll get accurate audio to heighten your senses and your gameplay.
MUSIC: Expand the soundstage of your favorite track to hear the greatness in the details of every instrument, as if you were sitting front row at a show just for you.
TV: Get the most out of Ultra HD broadcast with amazing detail and control. Zoom in to the part of the game you want to hear and turn off or adjust the commentator at will.
360° VIDEO AR AND VR: Enjoy pinpoint accuracy of immersive entertainment like never before. THX Spatial Audio provides true-to-life sound reproduction all around you.
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Nov 2, 2018
I'm sold if this is purely a piece of software.
I am very excited that a major audio player is seriously pursuing personalized HRTF! Can you expand at all on the 2D imaging technology used to measure individual ear response?
GiantHeadphoneSquidTHX Spatial Audio's Personalized HRTF feature uses a simple app to capture the ear image. Sends to cloud where advanced AI/ML analyzes 10,000 data points of the ear to create your personal HRTF. The user would then download the HRTF to compatible devices e.g. a PC. That's all we can tell you for now. Stay tuned! 0:)
Nov 1, 2018
No clue what all that means, but bring on new features and capabilities!!
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