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Spread the Musical Love

I started this thread for people to share tracks/artists that they've discovered that hit that "sweet spot". We are all in this to enjoy our music more and I feel we need more talk more about music on this site. I will kick it off with The Last Revel's both Blind in the Fray and Engine Trouble. Post your recently discovered tracks (I don't care how old as long as they are new to you).
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I created a spotify playlist to share things like this with friends... should have posted it here a while ago:
Lonely Town by Vulfpeck That entire new album( Hill Climber) is great, but it's all in singles, not as a full LP (at least not on spotify)
Com Truise makes most original,highest quality electronic music in my opinion.
Here's a recent discovery. I think I have been singing this song in my head for the last week straight.
Recently found Delicate Steve... sounds like what I want Steve Vai to sound like...
For me it's a band named Circles Around the Sun
Listening to them now with some planners. Hmmm..... different. I can't quite describe them. Feels like the Jazz version of Rock.
Vocaloid is my main musical interest. I was just introduced to Inu Machine within the past month and very much digging the music: (...this track on the Argon Mk3's.... is something else!) My favorite Vocaloid artists would be AdyS, Aura Qualic, and Zalas. I don't even mind some of the more pop style songs... this one in particular for the DVD version from the Magical Mirai 2018 album played back on my STAX system... DAT BASS.. LOL My non-vocaloid interests vary, and am all over the map, but right now I'm really digging Snail's House/Ujico: And though not vocaloid, this just recently popped up on Youtube and I can't stop listening to it:

Very fast paced. First track I knew you are a fan of anime.
There's this band, Toe. It's a Japanese postrock/mathrock band I recently found out about. My personal favorites are: Kodokunohatsumei, Everything is Nothing, Goodbye, You Go, My Little Wish and Boyo And if anyone knows about any other mathrock bands out there, please, do tell.
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Until I found out about Toe, I hadn't heard of this genre either. But it was right up my alley! I really enjoy how clean and melodic their songs are. Wish I had a pair of planars though, those are hard to come by at reasonable prices here in Brazil.
CHON is another good one in this genre, it's fairly new to me. Post Rock I was familiar with (Explosions in the Sky falls under that umbrella) but Math Rock I first heard of when I found CHON. - Bubble Dream (the one that hooked me on this band)
5 year old album but only found it myself in the last couple months... for those Fleetwood Mac fan's here is a nice cover of Dreams by Electric Peanut Butter Company
Anything from synthwave artist Dance With the Dead. But if I select a few... Dance With the Dead - Tilt World Dance With the Dead - Portraits Dance With the Dead - Banshee Dance With the Dead - The Man Who Made a Monster Sounds amazing on HD6XX's
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@DenonFanboy Good job, you both win lamest argument. I'd have to say you both made me laugh here and there. But you guys kept it PC, which is always good!
Glad u liked it, I wasn’t serious at all 😉
Enjoy... :D The Glitch Mob - See Without Eyes Warning: Visuals may cause loss of time and or space. :o
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The number of girls in hotpants and hula hoops was mind blowing

The Parcels latest album just released over 3 weeks ago.....incredible! They have worked with Daft Punk in the past, and the album has the vibe from Get Lucky and Lose Yourself To Dance by Daft Punk. It's refreshing with a sound of Disco/Electro/Funk. They will be in Brooklyn during Feb. 2018.
Just hit play and watch how the first track slides into the second track so smoothly. And be warned, you will get up and dace.
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Sure, will do. I'm listing to Wild Nothing and they definitely have that 80's feel. 80's sound signature is trending right now.
If you enjoy zoning out to some stellar trance/ambient music:
Wow this is pretty good. Love how she builds the song. I think I saw her on Tiny Desk. Second time she plays through my cans. Her voice, I cant tell if I like it or not. Reminds me of that Cali sound.
London Grammar. That sparse electronic sound combined with Hannah's amazing vocals. I love everything they do. Agnes Obel. Almost modern classical? No idea. I like it though.
I've been digging tracks by Kalya Scintilla lately. There's a lot to digest in each track. Plenty of electronics, but also plenty of instrumental sounds. I love the texture on the electronics though. There's some fun sounds to find in there.
He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat) - Jill Scott Never Give You Up - Raphael Saadiq ft Stevie Wonder & C.J. Hilton Best Part - H.E.R. Sea of Space - QUIN All I Want To Do - The Suffers Fallin - Alina Baraz Mad - Ayelle Sweet Time - Raveena Better Off With The Blues - Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown Black Magic Woman / Gypsy - Santana The Cisco Kid - War The Thrill Is Gone - Christone "Kingfish" Ingram Am I Wrong - Keb' Mo' Uno - Muse I Just Called To Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder Some singles I have fallen in love with recently.
I'm lovin Sea of Space. Thanks for sharing.
An actual 11.2 DSD studio recording from Blue Coast; “Recorded in DSD256 and mixed through analog console to DSD256”: “This is a single song bundle including all (8) formats: DSD256, 128 & 64, 19224 WAV & FLAC, 9624 WAV & FLAC as well as CD Quality 4416 WAV.”
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Why don't we get more higher quality recordings?... Why don't more professional audio engineers record above CD quality?

Saturday, October 20, 2018 - 11:51 "This is a question that has perplexed many of us who record in high resolution audio. Sure, our focus is on DSD / one bit recording... but why are most audio engineers recording at 44.1 or 48? You think it would be easy to move to PCM 9624 or 192. Heaven forbid anyone should move to recording in DSD! It's not a simple answer.  One problem to point out is our education system. Sadly, our audio schools don't teach students to record in higher resolution formats. Maybe if there was more demand and more spoken about it directed to mass consumers, we might see a change.... just as there was for headphone demand and vinyl surging. Generally, students and schools are on limited budgets. While cost of disc space is going down, multitrack recording still requires a lot of space and management. In recording at 44.1 sampling rate, a song can require 10-100x the space on a hard drive than the final 2 track mix. Add to that multiple takes and overdubs and that album starts to add up. Then there's the time to backup. We then need to consider managing the computing power which can cause issues with sound if not sufficient. While in school, students tend to be more focused on plugins rather than learning microphone techniques (which are also expensive). Most plugins work at 44.1 or 48K sampling rate. A new engineer is inclined to collect and purchase plugins that work for the lower sampling rates. Also to note.. many plugins are not made for higher sampling rates. When becoming a professional these new audio engineers are inclined to do what they're used to and bring in the lowere resolution plugins. Anyone recording and mixing in DSD knows the challenges we face. We've modified our behaviors to work in a format that pleases our ears. Try teaching DSD recording to a PCM engineer... even the best... and you'll find roadblocks and complaints of how hard it is to record in DSD. Those of us who learn to record in DSD do it for love of sound. :) Here's a new single at Blue Coast Music recorded live to DSD256. Meghan Andrews sings a classic.. "I'm on Fire". You'll receive 8 different formats to in the download. Try them out. You'll know why we choose DSD."
Thanks for the post!