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Good combo for Dark Voice OTL amp?

Wanted something around 500 dollars and under that pairs well with the Dark Voice OTL now that it has made a return and that I might pick it up soon. This decision was brought on after recently purchasing the MD x Senn 6XX and CTH/SDAC and after breaking it in it's just, okay, nothing spectacular like I was hoping when upgrading from my old Sennheiser G4ME series headset with a cheap $30 FiiO DAC. So I was hoping by purchasing a separate amp/dac that I'd get more of a differences. My thoughts is a Dark Voice OTL with a decent DAC would give me that punch and warmth I'm looking for? Any suggestions or tips?

If u want punch and warmth u got the right headphones, instead sell your CTH and get a balanced cable, a Jotunheim and a Modi Multibit. U can also keep what u currently have and try a HD58X first, it has a bit less warmth but it has more punch.
I don't know much about balanced cables but the Modi doesn't have balanced out so wouldn't RCA Out to Balanced In be pointless?
you are correct but balanced out on the jot is nearly 3x more powerful and there is little to no difference between a balanced signal and single ended. It’s just a cool audio trend that’s neat to have.
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I'm using either .flac or .wav to listen to music from my desktop. And you're right, I probably might need a better tube so that little 'omf' I'm listening for. Right now with the provided tube it feels muddled down and up close feeling and not spacious sounding if you understand what I mean.
I do, last used Aune T1 that I got off the bay, I though was ‘busted’ but duhh, I had the default EH in it...
You already have the best headphone for Tube amp listening IMO. I have put my 6xx up against my 800s and Fostex TR-X00 and other assorted dynamic headphones from my collection and none quite reached that same level of depth and warmth while maintaining its clarity and separation. I picked up a custom XLR cable for it, rolled my tubes and will say without hesitation that it just does not get any better than what I hear every time I turn it on. With that said, I will add that in order for me to get the sound I like, I have to play Flac files. Also, let me say that I do have compromised hearing so that may be why I find it to be a better sound than the 800s which doesn't seem as warm and quite a bit more analytical than the 6xx.

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I'm not arguing, I am simply pointing out that I personally don't have one and have not spent enough time with one to say that it sounds exactly the same. I will not recommend a product that I have no real experience with so am not sure where the confusion or issue with what I had to say came from.
Understood. I was not singling you out. Just trying to diffuse the entire situation... hence me starting my comment with "Guys"... as in all involved. But I do understand your stance. Thanks for clarifying that.