Fostex tr xoo

hi guys
i am thinking of purchasing a pair of fostex TR x00 headphones. are these definitely closed back, ie does not leak sound. i have read that they are only semi closed back???. also which of the three colours are the best for analytical sound. i am not a bass head so not a lover of to much bass. any help would be appreciated.
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These leak significantly compared to true closed backs. There is a small gap around the entire cup so these are "semi-closed". If you listen at low volumes it won't be a problem but if you "rock out" it will definitely be noticed by people in close proximity to you. The ebony is the least colored of the three but none of them are aiming for "neutral" sound.
This right here. I cannot use my Ebony's in my office due to how much they leak at the volumes I enjoy. Of all my closed back cans, the Meze 99 and AQ Nightowls are the only cans I have that I can blast at max volume and never get a complaint of leaking.
Nov 4, 2018
If isolation is not of utmost importance to you, there are better headphones for the price. I own a THX-00 Ebony myself, can't say I'm too impressed for what I forked out haha
Nov 6, 2018
I've not heard them for a while now (and I won't be able to), but according to memory other than texture and impact they weren't especially good considering their price. Mids and imaging are ok. Treble was kinda uneven (apparently there's a small peak even for the ebony), and soundstage wasn't spacious. Bass was unique in that though it was taut in nature, it didn't sound the most controlled- slightly bloomy, especially in the sub-bass. People may argue that the limited soundstage is because it's a closed-back, but it doesn't do what closed-backs usually do well; isolation isn't good with the stock pads, and replacement pads affect the sound somewhat. Comfort is also a concern. The padding underneath the headband is really thin- you could actually easily feel the hard contours of the plastic or metal headband structure underneath. This, combined with the weight of the headphones, has often caused a hotspot to form at the top of my head, which is why I find myself reaching for my other headphones instead. The long cable's rather annoying as well (mine was the original THX-00 series, which isn't detachable), and given the cost of the ebony version, I'm reluctant to have someone mod jacks onto it to make it detachable with custom cables. Around the price I daresay the Focal Elex and Hifiman Edition XX would be better bets Edit: I think a closer word to describe the bass instead of bloomy would be rounded and tubby
Nov 6, 2018
Mids are nice with body, but are only ok as the peaky treble lifts the uppermost mids, which makes it slightly unnatural. Note however that these headphones may just be a bad match for me as I tend to seek out drier, more technically competent signatures. I listened with my laptop as a source-> an Ifi iusb3.0 nano purifier-> an OL DAC/SDAC-> a JDS O2 amplifier. I've heard many headphones including the AKG K812, Focal Utopia, Sennheiser HD800/S, Hifiman HEK, MrSpeakers Ether and Audeze LCD4
Nov 3, 2018
The Ebony version would be the ones you want. They only leak out sound if you are playing it loud... at appropriate volume level there is no issue with sound leak. Isolation is not the best though - they do noticeably let in sound compared to a fully closed headphone. Aftermarket pads like the ZMF Ori Lambskin are better at controlling the sound coming in, but you will still hear your surroundings more than a fully closed pair (like say the Argon Mk3). Though, if you have the patience to wait for custom build time and an amp that can propely drive them, I would instead recommend going with the Modhouse Argon Mk3 (modded Fostex TX0RP planar headphone) with lambskin ZMF pad option over any non-flagship Fostex biodyna for your stated wants. You will get better sound quality and low-end extension than the TH-X00 series with very clean and tighter controlled low end, nicely detailed mids, beautiful non-fatiguing highs, and good isolation. While I do like my modded TH-X00 Purplehearts very much, it's really for the uniqueness they provide in their MASSIVE subbass - nothing else quite does their massive low end presence with very full sounding mids and energetic highs. I think I really prefer my Argon Mk3 more overall than pretty much any other headphone though, they just sound so good - nearly as good sounding as my STAX L300 Limiteds running off my dedicated system. Great combination of fun yet detailed, high quality sound. Like a Focal Elear but with more oomph... Just use the money you save in going with the much less expensive Argon Mk3s to get a decent amp. I pretty much generally prefer dynamic and electrostat driver headphones over planar ones. The Argon Mk3 changed my view on planars, but only after I properly powered it. Initially was disappointed in them until I started upping the gain setting on my amp (Gustard H10 - high current, Class A amp rated to 2.7W @ 50ohm)... +12dB gain switch on is when the Argon's showed me what they really sound like... and it is beautiful. This song is one of my favorites to listen to on the Argon's (CD version that is, this Youtube version of it which is lacking). Specifically the fireworks sound starting around 1:10 are done by the Argon unlike anything else, even my STAX L300 Limiteds... so much punch and pop, yet absolute cleaness and speed of the sound combined with the unique soundspace with that reverb just works like nothing else. If you've ever heard Fireworks outdoors that's the experience the Argon's give you. LOVE IT! It's track 9 on this Album, which is the version I have of it: