Corsair K70 RGB with MX Blues

Hello, budding keyboard enthusiast here. I've been looking for a keyboard, preferably a TKL, That has both excellent RGB support and Cherry MX blue switches. I eventually settled on the Corsair K70 RGB, only to find that no one carries it with blue switches, which are something I refuse to compromise on. So I am here to ask if anyone knows of a site that has the Corsair K70 RGB in stock with Blue switches, or can recommend another keyboard of similar quality. Another Keyboard I like is the PC master race modular Keyboard, but I was turned off by its lack of RGB if that helps.

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Feb 7, 2017
Since you prefer TKL, this plank from Cooler Master should be right up your alley:
Jan 15, 2017
They're normally available on Corsair's site, but it looks like they're out of stock right now. You could try shooting them an email to see when they plan on getting more in. Link to product page:
Feb 10, 2017
I'm not entirely sure what it is that you're asking, but it sounds like you're looking for a recommendation for a high quality TKL board with RGB backlighting and MX Red switches? If so, and you also like Ducky boards, then the Ducky One is an obvious choice since it checks pretty much all the boxes on your list. It's a tenkeyless board with RGB backlighting that is available with MX Reds. They usually run about $140, which is pretty standard for an RGB TKL. The only brands I'd really recommend avoiding are Corsair, Razer, and iKBC. The first two because their keyboards have non-standard bottom rows, so finding compatible keycaps can be a massive pain. I also don't care for Corsair or Razer's software suites, but that's a personal preference. iKBC I'd say pass on due to my recent experience with them. Basically they released a 104 key (full sized board, which is actually available again right now) with a design flaw that caused the switches to short out on the board's frame. This issue was well documented here without official response from iKBC, and then they pushed out a TKL version of the board with the exact same problem. So far the solution if you're affected is to either RMA the board, or disassemble it yourself, add an insulating layer between the PCB and frame, and reassemble it.
As far as a separate numpad board, I don't really know much about those.
Hope that helps.
A perfect suggestion. Thank you kindly Sir. :)