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KEF LS50 Drop....Anyone else drooling at this prospect?

For those of you who may not know, the KEF LS50's are one of the best rated desktop/monitor speaker around. They have received constant praise from sites like "what hi-fi", cnet, sound and vision, stereophile magazine, etc etc. almost always achieving a near perfect score and receiving multiple 2016 product of the year awards.They are normally $1500 for a pair, and come in some pretty awesome color schemes like black and gold, titanium grey and blue, white and blue, and red and gray I believe. I've been saving up for these for a few weeks now, and I would love to see them offered in a drop! Below are some links about these gorgeous works of art.




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One of the truly standout points for KEF designs (not just these) is their Uni-Q driver. Placing the HF driver within the mid/woofer helps tremendously with imaging and coherence. The closer the mid and high-frequency drivers are placed (generally speaking) the greater the imaging and phase coherence. This is one of the reasons a MTM configuration is quite popular in bookshelf speakers as the tweeter is flanked by two mids. All sounds appear to originate from a singular point-source. This is more noticeable in near-field applications vs a large home theater.
I'm using a pair in near-field and I can confirm what you're saying.
I'm somewhat glad I don't have sufficient space for a near-field system ATM... my wallet is already pissed off by my HT, Hifi, Headphone and Camp/Hike gear obsession.
I don't own these speakers, so the below comments are just opinions:
I don't think these little baby bookshelves are going to get you anything spectacular in terms of sound quality. I think the reason why they are popular because of the marketing and pricing strategy goes after people who want into high end audio at the price of a decent TV.
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GUTB-----I have owned and listened to these speakers for two years. There are many excellent speakers at this price point, so there is stiff competition, however LS-50's are excellent speakers, from my listening experienc. Borrow a pair, and compare them to any speakers you wish. Then, you can let us know what you found. I hope you wouldn't write a car review without driving the car.....
How much were $ they on the last drop? Amazon has sold these for $1200. I use these in a near field setup also. Amazing. Best money I've ever spent on any audio gear.
I'm not sure about the $ on the last drop but I'd love to see them on a drop at around $1000 or so. Also they just released the kef ls50 wireless that are supposedly amazing. No need to worry about mixing/matching amps and dacs, they're self powered and have their own integrated dac as well, which lets you hear them just as the engineers intended!
Strongly recommend Massdrop brings these back for more people to enjoy. I'm near-field listening to a pair right now I picked up the second time I saw them drop--sticker shock made me hesitate the first time they appeared--and they are worth every penny they cost me. My brother used to sell speakers out of Best Buy's Magnolia department, which I hope means more than being in their Geek Squad, and he can't get over how they sound, never mind for their size. He did ding their bass, but whatever, they make subs for that. I remember hearing that these are so popular at retail prices that they have a hard time sourcing enough of them for a drop.
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Thank you for the comment!
Would love to see these in a drop.