Jan 16, 2017181 views

Looking for a quality chino

Just wondering if anyones got a good idea of where to find dressier-style sand coloured chinos at a reasonable price (30-60$)?

Id say the gap or banana republic are a good place.
Everlane has a heavyweight chino out on 10/21.
I source mine from GAP. They regularly have 40% off of their full price which is typically $60.
I'm rocking their slim as well as skinny fit stretch khakis at the moment to work. Passable for semi-formal and darn comfy with the stretch fabric. I don't even need to iron them, just cold wash hang dry. Its wrinkly, but I fold and shelf em which reduces the wrinkles, and when I sit with em on the train, the stretch fabric pretty much removes all the wrinkles by the time I get into office.
I'm a fan of the Brooks Brothers Advantage non-iron chinos. You can probably get them on sale for your price range.
I wanted to suggest a MtM outfit or a tailor custom outfit. On top of that, Gilt or Bluefly as a stab in the dark chance?