Looking for a good pair of headphones

I used razer krakens for so long and i really want to buy a good pair of headphones. My budget is around 350 Euro.(i like the hd6xx but they will be available in 10 years ) Anyone who can help/suggest a good pair pls ?

Jan 17, 2017
Jan 17, 2017
Gotta agree with Azamonde as the X2's have a wide soundstage and very good tight bass. Another pair of good gaming headphones are the K7XX's which are usually dropped once a month or so.
Jan 17, 2017
Judging by how you own the razer kraken, I am assuming that you are a gamer. Therefore I would recommend something with good soundstage. Therefore this would already put the hd600 to an advantage over the hd650. However, if you prefer a more bass and mid emphasised headphones, then you may prefer the hd650.
There is also the choice of hd700. You can most likely get it used for under 350 if you wait long enough. However, if you save up a bit, then you can get it new after a while. The hd700 has better clarity over the hd600 and hd700, however the sound stage is substantially improved which can be used for gaming.
Hope that helps.
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Jan 16, 2017
Are you going to be using an amp and dac for the headphones? also what is the primary use? at that price range you have many options but it depends on what you want them for.
some off top of my head would be Fidelio x2, hd600 or the hifiman he400S all depends on your main use for them but hopefully it gives you an indication of what to look for. I personally vouch for the X2 they are really great.