CAN WE *PLEASE* GET A SIDE-VIEW, HORIZONTAL & CORRECT ROW-ORDER EXAMPLE OF THE PROFILE SHAPE, LIKE EVERY OTHER KEYCAP MANU PROVIDES FOR EVERY SET IN EXISTENCE (Your others included...)?! Production photos would be preferred over renders, obviously, but we'll take ANYTHING we can get... This will be obvious to you though, it has to be. There's NO WAY you don't know this is what we wan—no, NEED. So the fact that it's been SPECIFICALLY left-out (even though it's open for purchase...) - After all that pre-release hype cultivation & poorly-received sidestepping of certain details, for a "proprietary" secret profile with a 2-year development, and so on... the MOST IMPORTANT visual-example that should come with a new or updated profile is the actual side-profile, maybe with a height line or compared to other profiles (I can think of a good one...) - and again, YOU KNOW THIS! You guys do stuff like this constantly, and in this case most of all, it's painfully obvious it was left out on purpose. Which leads me—and many others—to question, "...why?". And it's a nervous question with your history, for sure. I'm all for this, honestly... at least in theory. I love Cherry, and although it appears (off of a GUESS that I shouldn't have to be making right now) as though it isn't as dramatic a change from CherryPro to warrant all the hype or the "ground-up, totally custom & unique NEW KEYSET!"-confidence, this whole move is sketchy as HELL! It doesn't help that you've still opened pre-orders consodering this massive exclusion, and I REFUSE to believe this wasn't a conscious decision. I I even refuse to believe that you didn't KNOW the immediate response would be filled with this question...It's not "mysterious", or "exciting" either, it's suspicious & kinda arrogant...


Apr 27, 2022
It's here
Apr 27, 2022
the one dislike of SA and similar profiles is that the surface areas are so small i.e. gaps between keys are too big and this actually inhibits my ability to type as fast as possible :( XDA not assss bad, but this is why MDA is king imo
Apr 28, 2022
MT3 has a much larger and more scooped top surface than SA. If I make 1 mistake in every 10 keystrokes typing on SA, I would make 1 mistake in every 20 presses with MT3 (arbitrary numbers). My fingers just feel like they know exactly where they need to go on MT3.