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Film Cameras

Hi guys, I currently shoot digital photos with a Nikon D750. I've been wanting to get into film photography lately and have been looking into medium format cameras since especially coming from a D750, 35mm won't cut it performance wise and I'd never use it haha. Anyone have experience shooting MF film? Got any recommendations or tips for a decently priced camera setup?

Love this thread as I'm just starting to get into MF myself! I recently came upon a Mamiya 645 Super from a friend of mine and, while I'm still on my first roll, I find myself really enjoying it already. Will have to report back once I have everything developed!
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This one https://www.massdrop.com/buy/23917
Pretty small so I can just throw it in my bag and pull it out when needed.
oh, right, I remember this one. will definitely look into it, thanks!
Always good to hear someone getting into analog photography, especially jumping right into medium format. I love medium format because it's so much more versatile than the other formats in terms of camera choice and aspect ratios to choose from.
I have a few questions to ask before I can try to help. Firstly, what's your budget? And the second question is what kind of camera do you want to shoot with? Do you want to stick with an SLR? Or a twin-lens reflex? Or a rangefinder?