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Sennheiser 6xx Review (Best Budget Headphones?)

I recently reviewed the Sennheiser 6xx on my youtube channel.
Here is the summary:
- Cheaper than HD 650s but similar quality
- Good amount of sound stage
- better bass than 598s
- Sound great with better dacs/amps
- Build quality is not the best
- The velour pads gets messy (but can be cleaned, more details on how to do that in video)
- Need atleast a budget amp

The 6xx at this price is currently the winner for headphones under $200 in terms of sound and overall quality. But thats only if you are in the USA, if you live in Canada, its a different story but is it still worth it? I live in Canada and I talk about my personal thought on this.
Overall I recommended a budget dac/amp to go with the 6xx AND what I personally use. The review of the dacs will come in the near future (videos will be uploaded every week)
Thujan, Avi.S, and 2 others

The hd 650 costs 540 on amazon, and only had to pay 20 dollar customs, so a great deal
The HD650 has been for sale for such a long time that there's essentially an encyclopedia of info on headphone sites about strenghts, weaknesses, pairings and mods.
yes thats true. just wanted to give my insight as well
Nice basic overview but I'm pretty shure the HD 6XX's are just the HD650's with a paintjob and a price drop. Still a killer deal and I do agree with the dac/amp suggestion.
yes i mention this is in my video. they are the 650s