Upgrade and Quicksave Event

Our 10-Year April Anniversary was amazing! We’d like to extend a huge thanks to everyone in the Community that joined us to celebrate. We’d also like to say it was fun while it lasted—but we can’t, because the fun is still going. We’ve got something big planned for May. The sun is out, the flowers are blooming—but for us, this month is all about gaming. Tomorrow marks the start of our Upgrade and Quicksave Event. It’s our biggest gaming event of the year, filling two full weeks with announcements, throwbacks, and more than a few sales. Here’s what’s to come: New Projects

  1. MT3 Dancer Keycap Set launches. An inversion of our retro-inspired MT3 Dasher Keycap Set, the all-new MT3 Dancer keycap set is now in stock and ready to ship.
  2. ZMKC Pocket Game V2 Artisan Keycap goes live. Paying homage to a gaming classic—the original 1989 GameBoy—the Pocket Game Artisan Keycap 2 is exclusive to Drop.
  3. New Marvel Artisans arrive. Once we get the final green light from Marvel, four new artisan keycaps (made by Galladoria Games) will hit the site this month.
  4. GMK Laser Aviator Cable launches. It’s been a while since we had this, so we’re excited to bring a matching cable for the many GMK Laser fans in our community.
  5. MT3 Godspeed Keycap Set relaunches. Back from orbit, our fan-favorite MT3 Godspeed Keycap Set is relaunching with updated sets, and it’s shipping in June. To the moon!
  6. Drop Paragon Series Full Stack Keyboard debuts. The centerpiece of any desk, our new Full Stack Keyboard features a CTRL High-Profile case with special dampening, SA Oblivion keycaps, lubed Cherry MX Silent switches and Everglide stabilizers—all hand-assembled in the USA.
  7. New DCX colorways keep coming. We said we’d have more DCX colorways, and they’re almost here. We’re working on the finishing touches right now, so you’ll be able to preorder these this month (or June, at the very latest).
  8. DCX reviews are coming. Our DCX profile is making waves across the Mech Keys community and beyond. Keep an eye out for reviews from Switch and Click, Keybored, and other Youtube channels. Our Instagram account also has typing tests from CaptainSterling.

Limited-Time Deals and Updates
  1. Two of our exclusive GMK sets—GMK Belafonte and GMK Serenity—are now in stock. Don’t miss your chance to (finally) get your hands on some GMK. 
  2. Several of our finest headphones and headsets are going on sale. (We also have something new for our Audiophile community coming in June. You’ll hear more about that this  soon.)
  3. We’re slashing prices on our Skylight Series Keycap Sets. Plus, we’re offering discounts on SA Oblivion, SA Godspeed, and a few other fan-favorites.
  4. For the gamers and long-time community members, we’re going deep into our saved data to resurrect an old favorite. You’re going to want to sit down for this. That’s right: Arozzi gaming chairs are returning, on sale, for a limited time.
  5. With announcements and sales like this, we figure you’ll have to see them to believe them. That’s why we’re bringing Gunnar’s gaming glasses back to our store. Get your head in the game—and your eyes on the prize(s).
As always, you’ll receive up to 3% Drop Rewards for every purchase (pro-tip: Drop Keyboard Club members get up to 5%). Shipping in the US is free for orders over $100, and we offer hassle free returns in the US as well.   It’s time to Upgrade and Quicksave. Happy shopping—and happy gaming.

Promotions will run through 5/30/2022. Drop reserves the right to make changes at any time. Standard Terms and Conditions apply. (edit: formatting, added link to the event)
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Any possibility of GMK Belafonte going on sale? Or is it just going to be GMK Laser and Pulse that go on sale?
Any idea when the MT3 Godspeed set is launching? Still OOS on the site.
There is a limited quantity of sets arriving to be shipped in June (ship date referenced in the post), but if the set sells out quick enough that people aren't able to get it we will definitely be ordering more to restock. So worst case you would be in the batch that waits for production. Do also note that the kits are refreshed and slightly different from the original run of the set.
Got it, sounds great either way. Anxious to see the refresh for sure!
May 17, 2022
What about adding updated repositories for ALL Drop keyboards into QMK...
May 17, 2022
Please start including international/nordic options 😇
May 17, 2022
Will some of the missing kits for MT3 Dev/TTY ever come back in stock??
May 17, 2022
Will you ever restock the PCBAs for your keyboards again, for those of us whose boards glitched out after 12 months can fix it without buying an entirely new kit?
What about the MT3 Noctua Chromax? Did that get lost?
Excited for Mt3 Godspeed! Any chance this will be ABS instead of PBT?
May 17, 2022
It is indeed ABS.
Made my day mate!
May 16, 2022
May 16, 2022
Love to see it. However any updated on updated PCBS for ALT or Ctrl? The software fix didn't really help.
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