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Is this drop keyboard defective?

With no way of knowing what causes this, my drop shift will simply stop responding. This is a used drop shift, but it has been hardly used though. Once or twice, it appears that a key which has last been held may simply start to repeat itself as the keyboard stops to send more input, possibly including that the key is no longer being held down? other times, it simply fails to respond any further. Pressing anything on the keyboard, despite that RGB is still going, does absolutely nothing. I opened switch hitter (small program) and it doesn't register anything going on at all. Wondering if anyone thinks they may know the problem. I bought this used from facebook but apparently this is far more problematic than thought. The ONLY thing I need to do is disconnect and reconnect the keyboard, but y'know this is kind of a problem. Otherwise, I cannot tell that the keyboard has been even touched just once. But I mean something is a bit off. Is the keyboard itself a bit off?

May 18, 2022
Hmmmm, when I restart the computer, it never saves the LED layout. Like if I press FN +A or D it will just go back to the default wave when I turn the computer off. Anyone think that this may be indicative of a problem?
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