I already own the 58X. Is it worth getting this, too? Or should I get something more different like the HE5XX?


May 23, 2022
Depends entirely on you and what you're looking for, the 6XX's are a step up in detail and clarity, and have strong mids, if that sounds like what you want then give em' a shot, you can always return them. The 5XX's I can't speak for because I have never heard them except to say I have heard they have some odd qualities and aren't everyone cup of tea, but some people really like them. The 4XX's on the other hand, I have and love, they aren't really a step up, more of a step sideways, but the quality (not quantity) of their bass is great! Another good option would be anything out of beyerdynamic's 770/880/990 range, they have great detail and clarity but are very bright, and are super comfortable with excellent build quality. Many people consider the 990s the Yin the the 6XX's Yang. I personally have the 880s because I wanted something a little different. The Sundara's are another excellent option that you can get from hifiman open box or B stock for $249, so not much more than the 6XX's and a lot of people love them (mine aren't here yet) and swear they are the best you can get under $500
May 19, 2022
You should quit while you’re ahead!
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hifiman he4xx right side possible issue?
Why does my he4xx not play on the right side but is fine on the left side but when putting my ear up to the outside of the cup on the right side I hear something playing just not when they are o my head?
Jul 6, 2022
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Jul 6, 2022
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Jul 6, 2022
Jul 6, 2022
What Amp???
Hello audiophilers!! While I am waiting for my first bought item from Drop (can't wait!!) I was planning my next purchase ;-P... An amplifier... I wander which is better among the Drop O2 and drop+thx
Jul 4, 2022
Hello guys
How are you?
Jul 4, 2022
You only live once.
Let your ears fly!!! Vuela Vuela.
Jul 3, 2022