Jan 18, 2017171 views

Headphone Travel Cases

I haven't seen a headphone hard case drop yet- any reason why? I have the THX00PH and took them on a road trip to listen on my downtime. I couldn't find a suitable case on Amazon, so that gave me an idea- can we get a case manufacturer to make a generic large hard case with different foam cutout options for each of the Massdrop custom headphones? I'd be first in line even it the cost was $50! What do you guys (and gals) think?
SpyderSIKA and ThePope

I would also like to see a special case made for the Massdrop exclusives. I think the community would eat that up.
The Seahorse SE-430 Case is perfect for the TH-X00, and only $33.
Yeah, that thing looks great! With the foam insert it's $42 and you have to customize it yourself. I'm not a fan of those pick a block style inserts, but if it's $10 for a DIY kit, and the case itself is $33, then the $50 price point could actually work- how about one of those cases with the Massdrop logo across the top, an insert for the specific headphone, and maybe an engraving option for $5 to have your name or screen name on the side.
The insert isn't even needed, they fit snugly without it thanks to the foam lining the inside.