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hd6xx cable replacement notification

just received notification that they are sending out a second cable for all buyers? anyone know the reason? I never received any other notifcation previously regarding this matter and the email gave no explanation.
Matthew Palmer and messengers

Just received my cable today. Its about 16 inches longer than the original, and looks to be the same exact build quality.
Still no cables, wtf.
I did not get any notification... Should I contact Massdrop?
where are my cables!
Has anyone received there replacement cables yet? i haven't
Is there any ETA when these replacements are expected to ship?
Really surprised there are only 6 replies to this topic. At least I'm glad this isn't because the cables were failing.
There's about 10 pages in the comments section of that drop of people bitching that their cable was shorter than advertised. Sounds like Sennheiser is involved and probably feels bad about the oversight.
The cables are probably 4' long instead of the 6' that the drop mentioned.
In my recent review of the hd 6xx, i mentioned the wires were stuck and really hard to get out, and the quality of the cable is probably the worst part of the build quality in these headphones. maybe they are sending out a better or perhaps longer cable, I do not know but thats my theory. anyways its a good thing !
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Same comments were made about the HD650... I don't see sennheiser revamping their cable manufacturing process. They look cheap but mine is almost a decade old and in flawless shape. With the style of pin connector they use the connection must be tight or you need to develop a locking mechanism. The two-pin connector won't stay put without one of the two aforementioned solutions. Given the base products is a 13-year old headphone the options for cable replacements are nigh on limitless.
i agree