Nov 4, 2018148 views

Is there a difference in sound between the fostex thx00 models?

I mean other than the colour and prices of the fostex thx00, is there a difference in the sound? I'm looking forward to buy the mahoganies out of the rest mainly choosing on the looks if there is no difference in the sound

thx for the replies
Purpleheart - most v-shaped (think more bass/treble than mids) Mahogany - w-shaped, a bit of a rise in the bass, mids and treble Ebony - most linear of the three All will sound significantly closer to each other than any one of them will sound to a different headphone. Wood type makes a difference but that difference is not large.
The purplehearts are more V shaped and the ebonies are the flattest but all 3 will have the same sort of sound.