Nov 5, 2018

Candid photography

Dear frds, My name is theja ,i started candid photography with help of you tube sessions , i need more guidance regarding Manual mode. I am using Nikon D-3300. And i want to learn photo editing (photo shop,light room)

It's going to be difficult to really get the hang of manual mode on a Nikon d3300. While it has manual settings and can go full manual, it's not made to be a manual camera. It's primarily made to work best as a point and shoot that you have some improved control over. The same applies to a Nikon d5300 or any camera with only one dial. You might be better off picking up a used d300 or a d610 (if the extra cost is not prohibitive) to use as a learning camera. I just sold my old d300 in good condition for about $200 US on eBay. That seems to be a pretty reasonable target price for a used d300 right now. Your d3300 will actually be more capable of a camera than a d300 so this would actually be a downgrade in some regards, but the button layout of a d300 or a d610 are much more favorable for someone who's shooting full manual. Both cameras have two dials and you need at least two knobs to comfortably shoot in full manual (one for aperture and one for shutter speed). It's not impossible to learn how to shoot manually with a d3300 or even on a camera with no dials, but the amount of time you'll spend wrestling with menu options is going to greatly affect your ability to learn by practicing.
When I started shooting manual I did the usual watching videos and reading books but it didn’t click until I jumped in and started to make mistakes to see what did or didn’t work. As for learning to use Photoshop and Lightroom I have learned the most from Phlearn on YouTube and JULIEANNE KOST (one of the Adobe Gurus) because they explain things in a way I can absorb them. Good luck!