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The $400 question: E-mu Teak or Aeon Closed X? (Just try both?)

I am looking for my end game. For most of you that is a dream. At my 68 years of hearing experience it is more real than most of you know! I will become less, not more demanding other than the need to increasingly EQ!! Not yet but it's coming... So I would rather spend my money on one very good pair of closed headphones than go for multiple specialists in desktop, movie, portable, gaming, analytical/monitor, fun etc. My audio experience is extensive. Headphones though quite limited; originally Koss Pro 4a, finally the Sony MDR-V900HD closed purchased 14 years ago (!) that I am still using with different pads. They are still good but I have no recent reference to judge them by. And I want more clarity. With the pads I have they are somewhat mid-centric and veiled, with neither highs nor lows particularly convincing, though the sound is quite neutral & natural otherwise. I listen to Classic Rock/Stones, Who; Metal/Iron Maiden, Motorhead & Classical, with some Bluegrass and Blues mixed in, occasional electronic but very little rap, dance or jazz. I prefer a neutral but dynamic, live/realistic sound with good timbre and imaging, soundstage is only gravy. Detail and resolution are becoming less important as age takes it's toll; but I can still hear the differences in different masterings of the same recording. Any recommendations or comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Jun 15, 2022
Probably neither (although I haven't tried the Emu). I'd stay away from all Aeon models, they have a well known issue with the pads where the foam under the pad rolls away from the leather of the pad, causing a potentially permanent deformation. Lots of users have talked about it here, Dan even had to make a video dedicated to how to try to unroll your foam. It's an unacceptable design flaw at the Aeon price point. You probably don't want a wood cupped headphone as the wood can warp based on the temperature/humidity. It has a good review though (ASR is one of the higher quality objective review sites For "endgame" closed back, you might want a closed back Focal headphone, or the Dan Clark Audio Stealth. They're both complete ripoffs (like most headphones) but are likely very good quality. I haven't tried either, but I have the Focal Clear (open) and they're special. But it doesn't sound like you're looking in this price range. Also depending on your high frequency hearing loss at 68 (which will eventually affect us all), it might be hard to justify a $2k+ headphone. I'd consider the in-between Ether CX, which I'm wearing right now, when they're on sale (which they are now). They're my main go-to closed back. I have a few other closed backs, BeyerDynamic 880 (uncomfortable/painful), AudioTechnica M40x (cheap and good travel headphone), Dekoni Blue (garbage), MrSpeakers Mad Dogs (luxurious, discontinued), Momentums (garbage), and the Airpod Max (very good), and I prefer the Ether CX. The Airpod Max come in at a close second for closed back, but this hinges on having Mac hardware, at least I have trouble connecting them to my Windows machine. My next closed back will probably be the HD 820s but that's only because I like my HD 800s so much.
Jun 30, 2022
dm94aq7Many thanks for your thoughtful reply; you have done me a service! I will look into the Ether CX and Airpod Max as recommended!!
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