I need help from the "Sound geeks"

so i have been getting more serious about gaming, so i wanted to upgrade my audio systems, i was wondering what would be the best things i could get that would help with audio side of gaming (ex. headphones and stuff) as you may be able to tell i don't really have much knowledge in audio so it'd be great if i could get some suggestions on what would be good for me, and maybe learn something in the process. Thanks ahead of time
What i have right now:
  • Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 usb interface
  • AKG k240 studio headphones (55 ohms [don't know if this is relevant to it's sound or anything])

Buy a fully open headphone (grills on the sides) and pickup a DAC/Amp combo or stack... preferably one that derives it power from a wall outlet and not your PC. The best consumer PC in the world is still a rather horrific environment for the reproduction of audio. An outboard DAC/Amp can eliminate a large portion of this environmental interference. How much you spend should be solely determined by your own ears. Some people can get by with minimal investment (couple hundred bucks) while others "chase the dragon" and end up spending thousands.
Jan 19, 2017
thank you, would you have any brands you'd recommend? or a website i could possibly find this. cause i did a quick google search and i found a abundance of usb interfaces. And another question. what's the difference between how closed the Headphones are? like, what does it change. anyway thank you for pointing me in the right direction
A really nice piece of gear for those that are a bit more Gaming/Streaming oriented is the soundblaster X7. It has bluetooth, ability to drive a lot of different headphones, passive speakers and some PC gamer oriented features. It is a bit pricey for some at $300-$400 but you get a truly all-in one solution, just add headphones and passive speakers and your set. On the cheaper end I would look at FiiO as they make some great bang for the buck products. The Centrance DAC/Amp they offer on here is also a pretty solid value at $99. I am also a bit of a Schiit Audio fan boy as I dearly love my gear from them. They offer options as cheap as $79 all they way up to several thousand, the Magni/Modi stack ($200) as well as the Jotunheim ($400-500) are particularly good values. On the headphone front an open headphone will typically present a much greater level of detail for positional audio queues. Open headphones are also less likely to have an artificially boosted bass which can obscure some of the quieter sounds (footsteps). The sennheiser 5 series is a fantastic place to start with open headphones. I started with an HD555 many, many, years ago and decimated people in original Modern Warfare because I could always hear them sneaking up on me. If you haven't already joined/lurked headfi.org then you most certainly should take a look.