Nov 7, 2018

Bring Back the Kershaw Blackout

You guys, we need to bring back the Kershaw Blackout knife. PLEASE! I lost mine and it was the best knife in the entire world. I bought the Kershaw Duojet and IT. IS. TRAAAASSHHH. Here is the link: Please, go now my children, request to bring back this knife back. And buy 2 while you're at it cause its that good and you'll never be sad all the time if you lose one.

Get yourself a Kershaw Blur. Speedsafe assisted open, better blade steel and aluminum scales. Great EDC.
Thanks but I really like the thumbstud with the blackout. You just barely press on it and the blade flies out.
I like the Blackout..also if you like a similar sized knife but a bigger blade, I carry the faultline flipper from Kershaw, camping a lot...and it is inexpensive.