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Solid In-Ears

I'm a skateboarder, so I want some in-ear headphones that can take a bit of a beating, aren't too expensive and don't sound like shit. I've been considering getting a cheap phone and buying wireless in-ears, or those with one wire just connecting the two. I've been looking at the Bose SoundSport Wireless, and they're kind of in the higher end of my budget, at 150$. I don't really care for "extra bass" stuff as most of the stuff I listen to isn't all that bass intensive. Up-until-now I've just used super duper cheap, 5-10$ wired earbuds, but they just get snagged on my clothes as I skate and break super easily. Do you have any recommendations?

Your best bet it to stick with something that's made of metal and uses a dynamic driver (they tend to take a bit more abuse over balanced armatures). I know there are more in this budget but this set is solid and should tick all your boxes: I personally use my Shure 215s as they're stronger than they look due to their shell material and are also sweat resistant: They were my first audiophile phone many many years ago and despite owning better sets now, I still have my original 215s and they still work. I even pop them in every now and then for nostalgia.
Thanks for your suggestion, these seems like great pairs, and if my choice ends up not being for me, I'll definitely keep these in mind.
Decent sound (a little too exaggerated in its V shape for me), super cheap, active use, sweat resistant... I'd say Mee M6. If you're snagging them on things and breaking them that way though, maybe try the X6? Basically a Bluetooth M6. Of course, there's lots of higher quality stuff, but if you're not after amazing (which you probably don't need while actively doing something not centered around their performance) these could probably accomplish a lot of what you're after for a lot less than your budget.
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Yeah like I said, my experience was with the M6. I was hoping the X6 would be what it is obviously supposed to be, but I guess that’s not quite true based on what you’re saying.
Yeah, unfortunately this is how the reviews are looking like. It's sad because I have heard good things about the M6 before.

I'll come a bit out of left field and recommend taking a look at the Phaiser BHS-730 or 750. They are not top of the line sound for sure, but they are incredibly good at $35. I use them as my workout headphones, and they've taken a good deal of abuse very well. For situations like boarding, where your main focus is on the activity, rather than critical listening, I would be hard pressed to find a better value. And at that price, you don't have to sweat losing or destroying them. If the included tips don't give you a good seal, Comply tips make them very stable.
Thanks for your answer, it seems I'll be going with the BHS-750, because of the seemingly awesome price-to-performance.