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Ever wanted to have your Magic: The Gathering questions answered by professional players? Well, now's your chance. We're holding an on-going AMA with our sponsored team, Massdrop MTG, throughout the season so you can pick their brains for their knowledge, experience, tips, tricks, and advice for elevating your game. Massdrop MTG Team Members

Mark Jacobson (Team Captain) He just took 1st at Grand Prix Mexico City and has a few mind games up his sleeve. · Tag @MarkJacobson to ask him questions in the comments below. Pascal Maynard He's a Pro Tour finalist and can be a real Tarmogoyf. · Tag @PascalMaynard to ask him questions in the comments below. Tim Wu Economist by day, Team Dad by night, and has many tournament tips you should know. · Tag @TimothyWu to ask him questions in the comments below. Jon Stern A pro player, writer, and his Patronus is the Wi-Fi symbol. · Tag @JonStern to ask him questions in the comments below. Ben Weitz A Gold Pro and the co-host of a Magic: The Gathering podcast, Allied Strategies. · Tag @BenjaminWeitz to ask him questions in the comments below. Jack Kiefer The kid is still in high school but knows how to juggle being a student and a pro. · Tag @JackKiefer to ask him questions in the comments below.
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Aug 23, 2019
So did (Mass)Drop quietly phase out selling Magic cards (and other TCGs and board games), or..?
Aug 23, 2019
Yes, would like to know this as well...
Dec 16, 2018
@MarkJacobson I got out of MTG 20 years ago because it felt like it was dying off. Started back up again 2-3yrs ago with my son. Where do you see the game 5-10 years form now?
Dec 5, 2018
I would love to ask for any advice on where to start (what set, etc.) now, since I've been pretty out of MTG since the mid-2000's, but have been wanting to get back into it, but it has gotten REALLY crowded. In the old days, we'd get a set every 1-3 years, but now it seems that 3-4 sets are releeased every 1.5-2.5 years. Makes it kind of hard to know where to start, and what rules to play by (what sets are valid, etc) in various places. Could you advise on what's the most common sets, rule sets, etc. for a returnee? Thank you in advance for your time, Michael
Nov 29, 2018
Hey y'all, we've chosen a winner for the giveaway! Congrats to @The_Scheming_Skeleton! He's comin' away with the Ultimate Masters Booster Box. The giveaway portion is over, but we're keeping this AMA open all season so keep your questions coming. Thank you all!
OMG thanks so much!
Nov 30, 2018
No, thank you, sir.
Nov 28, 2018
What is the ratio of trying to experiment with new card combos and playing what has been proven by the established meta when deciding on what decks ro run?
In preparing for Pro Tours, the ratio of new card "brews" to established decks is very high, and as it gets closer and closer to the Pro Tour, there is less work on brews (unless one ends up being tournament worthy). Cost vs. benefit basically - there is a real potential benefit if you find a broken / rogue deck, but if it doesn't work out that time will be mostly wasted. If you're working on an established meta deck, even if you don't end up running it, you might learn things about facing that deck or how other folks might be building it. In the very beginning of a format, it's almost entirely wild experimentation!
Nov 26, 2018
How do you deal with decision anxiety in high stakes games? I sometimes have a hard time making choices in just for fun MTGO matches.
I think in the moment it's important to be confident in yourself. After it happens, even if it goes poorly, you will have learned something and you will have another chance in your next match to do better!
Nov 26, 2018
in your opinion, what legacy card is the most overrated?
Nov 25, 2018
What is your favorite 1-drop?
Birds of Paradise
Nov 24, 2018
How do you cope with your hobby becoming your job? After a day of practice do you still feel like playing magic with friends?
Nov 24, 2018
@TimothyWu As I grow and improve as a player, I’ve found that sideboarding has been the most challenging obstacle to overcome. The way I understand it, a sideboard is supposed to allow you to tailor your general strategy to something that interacts better with your particular matchup at any given moment, removing cards that are weak in the matchup in favor of more impactful or interactive ones. Is this philosophy correct? If not, can you suggest something more appropriate? Additionally, how do you identify cards that need to come out in a given matchup? I find that cards I want to bring in are fairly easy to pick (there is a reason they are in my sideboard), but I often find I’m not sure what my deck can afford to give up in exchange for these alternative tools. Sideboarding guides online will show me which to bring out and which to board in, but rarely offer specific commentary as to why or how cards are chosen to remove from the matchup. Thank you in advance for any help you can give!
I think your philosophy is correct in a general sense when thinking about constructed SBs. I'm not really good at SBing and often just go by the guides I find online, but Jon Stern wrote a really good article on the basics of SB construction that you may find useful! 
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