Nov 9, 2018134 views

HFC Trinity review

I am so sorry that my attempt to introduce the High Fidelity Cables Trinity Go became such a lightening rod of controversy. I assumed that there are Headphone people on Massdrop, and some might be interested in an accessory which is well within the financial grasp of a person who has invested in top quality headphones and the associated accouterments like tube headphone amplifiers offered here. Magnetic Conduction is a new technology, and yes it is controversial. It is not snake-oil, and I attempted to answer concerns that people expressed by referring them to the website of the inventor, but others had not even looked at the picture before condemning a '$300-cable'. I had suggested to the folks at HFC that they might want to considering a Massdrop special edition of this unit, but with the reaction the mere mention of such a device seems to attract trolls. I wonder if these same folks offer their opinions on anything else, is their skepticism endemic?

It looks like a really slick looking female to female connector, but I'm sure it also gives every electron that passes through it a hard sell on healing crystals or maybe one of those bracelets that supposedly improves balance
Robert, there has to be more, you mentioned a professor and a paper, please do link, curious minds need to know. The web site does not enlighten. We are not un-like the frog,, trying to figure this out:
ok so what exactly does this do? all I see is a picture.
We are all waiting, with bated breath...