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Good Studio Quality Headphones For A Good Price?

What is a really good pair of studio headphones? I’m a guitarist, and it’s hard to play my guitar sometimes because I’m only really free at night, and I don’t want to be waking people up. I need a good pair of cans with a long cable so I can still comfortably play my instruments. I’ve been using a headset designed for Xbox, and so the cable is pretty short and the audio is fairly bass heavy. I'm a college student, so anything more than ~$150 is probably out of the question.

Maybe have a look at the HD380 pro's?! Especially for the type of use you'll be doing. Beyer 770's @pukkita suggest is a good one for your purpose! Notice, the boys are using Beyer DT770's in the studio! Good luck mate!
Audio Technica ath-m50x FTW. You need closed back cans for the usage you're pointing, so that your cans don't leak and disturb the rest... same is required for recording, so that you don't get sound from the headphones into the mics... Senheissers HD are great, but open-back, not for this usage. Same goes for AKG 7xx. I play bass, use the headphone out of my bass amp sometimes, but for ultimate portability I love using a VOX Amplug2 bass instead for 100% wire free rehearsal (wholeheartedly recommend the VOX AMPlug 2 for this, just pick the flavour needed: Clean, Blues, Classic Rock or AC30 depending on the tones you seek for your axe). For the sake of curiosity tested several headphones and IEMs with: Yamaha EPH-100, nuForce EDC and EDC3, all brought noticeable hiss. Thin and hollow sounding, not an optimal match. ATH-m50x sound beautiful with the amplug2, and includes two cables: a 3,5mm short cable to use with smartphone, portable players, etc, and a long heavy duty coiled 6,35 jack cable which pairs nicely with the VOX AMPlug/silent rehearse rig. They double up as nice cans for mixing too.
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I went ahead and sprung for the M50xRDs. Should be here today.
The red ones? nice!
I am not completely sure about the jubilee but I have heard it does color sound more than the 6xx. The 6xx in my opinion is a great headphone and while not perfectly neutral (especially on tubes) is a great set for accurate sound (again IMO). I have however seen many people say great things about the DT990, but I don't have a pair so can not speak to how accurate they are. I would also suggest getting a recorder with a built in tuner like the tascam dr-40 (not sure if the cheaper models have it). That would help with making sure that you are tuned so when you do use whatever headphones you choose, you can be sure that your notes are not off. Just my two cents, hope that helps.
I agree with Megazine, can't go wrong with the Senheiser HD58X. What other instruments do you play besides the guitar?
Little bit of piano and some brass. Nothing I’d need headphones for, and I don’t even have a Trumpet right now.
Sennheiser HD-58X Jubilee. I would say the 6XX is a better alternative but they start at $200.
Is it worth the extra $50?
See, for me I own both. I like my 58X more than my 6XX. From what the graphs show, and what people say, the 6XX offers better mids. The 58X offers more bass. They really come down to subjectivity and what you like, although they sound very alike. I’m not a musician, so I wouldn’t know if the 58X bass is neutral or not. 6XX are known to be very neutral in all areas. Imo you can’t go wrong with either one. I’m hoping we get more responses here, or maybe some advice from music engineers, musicians or producers.