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What is your recommendation for an EDC "man bag"?

I've been searching for a while, and I must be missing something because I cannot find the "perfect" bag... What are your recommendations for a small EDC cross-body shoulder bag? By "EDC" I literally mean EVERY day carry. I see a lot of bags called "EDC" bags that are (IMO) much too big and complicated to actually be called "EDC". For this reason, I don't consider backpacks or slings to be "EDC bags" (I have both and use both, but never as my primary "go everywhere with me" bag - they are simply to big and bulky). Think about showing up at your buddy's place for a BBQ - would you wear a backpack or sling? Here are the criteria I'm trying to meet:
  • It will go everywhere with me, even from the car into a restaurant or bar, through airports, to the grocery store, etc. So it has to look good and be small enough to be unobtrusive. Being able to set it on a restaurant table out of the way (or hang on a chair between me and a wall) is a requirement.
  • Leather or high-quality waxed/oiled canvas trimmed in leather.
  • Attached shoulder strap (or detachable with VERY subtle clasps). I hate jangly brass D-rings and clasps
  • Vertical orientation rather than horizontal.
  • Cross-body wear with bag at roughly hip height, and able to be slung forward or rear-ward as conditions dictate.
  • Something most women would not use because its too "manly" looking (i.e. looks as little like a "purse" as possible)
  • Needs to hold the following:
  • Bellroy Travel Folio & wallet (with Passport, visas, & folded boarding passes when traveling)
  • iPhone Xs
  • 3.5" to 4.5" folding knife of 2 oz to 4 oz
  • Fisher space pen
  • 5.25" Field notes booklet
  • Glasses
  • Sunglasses (at times)
  • Keys with two remote fobs (in the bag, not jangling around outside)
  • Small EDC flashlight like a single AA or AAA type
  • Random small med stuff like bandaids, Advil packets, etc.)
  • Receipts in a binder clip
  • Note: Unfortunately, since I live in a place in CA where CCW is impossible (unless one has donated enough to the local Sheriff's election), I don't need space for a CCW.

For comparison, here are some bags that are *close* but not quite right
  • Nutsac Man-Bag, Dammit - don't like the horizontal orientation or the way the strap attaches to the bag, If it was about 3/4 the length it would be the right size. Make it smaller and improve the shoulder strap and this would be just about perfect.
  • Rothco Military Tech Bag (leather) - About the right size (a bit too tall) and minimalist design, but the frigging shoulder strap is too short!
  • Bolstr 2.0 - Good design. Slightly too big. Cheap-looking materials
  • Maxpedition Neatfreak - The right idea, but waaaay to many *#$*^ pockets and features! Also don't like the Cordura fabric (too tacti-cool)
  • Maxpedition DEP - The right idea in terms of minimalism, but I don't like the tactical Cordura materials. Maybe too small?

What else is out there...?
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Oh man, tell me you’re for real!!! I love a genuine and ridiculous loud naive narrator. I don’t think my jaw has hung open like that for a while. James Bond couldn’t have said it better.
lol - I'm not sure if that was a compliment or an insult...
Good for you,  I do hope you find what you're looking for.  B
Arc'teryx Leaf Messenger 15. Black, compact, non threatening, no velcro or molle on the outside.
Tom Bihn Side Effect or Side Kick? Can wear cross-body, sling, or waist with the gatekeeper strap. Might be "too purse" for you, but scope the different material/color combinations.
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Thanks. I’ve looked at both the TB and the intern series bags and decided they don’t quite fit. I’m coming to the conclusion that the thing I’m looking for simply doesn’t exist (at least not in the US). I see a lot of guys in Manila with little leather shoulder/thigh bags; i’ll probably need to do a bit of shopping next time I’m over there for business.
I think Greenroom136 makes those kind of bags (but not in leather). Sabra Gear also has a nice shoulder/thigh (again, might be more tacticool)
Just my two cents. If you're looking for a system similar to the one posted that is on Kickstarter, then you may want to check out HPG
Ruitertassen equipage.... vertical orientation, full grain, vegetal tan, small. I love mine...
Best I've seen - thanks for the reco! My wife even says "I wouldn't wear that" (and she's pretty comfortable with outdoorsy/masculine-feminine stuff)
Maxpedition Wolfspur
Would be great if it was 1/2 the size. I really like the Maxpedition AGR line. If the Wolfspur and the DEP got together and had a child, and that child grew up covered in oiled/waxed canvas with leather trim, it would be perfect. :-)
What about Hazard4's new Grayman series? Doesn't look tactical, and a couple of iPad size bags to consider. Here is a link to their Grayman series: I have one of their bags already, I use mostly for scouting. Picked up another one of their bags (the Watson) which arrives tomorrow and will probably become new my daily commute bag.
I have the Vertex EDC Sling, which is more of a backpack and much larger than what you've listed here. I am able to fit a Macbook Air, an HP Revolve 810, a Glock19 with two magazines, a collapsible baton, a karambit, and all of the cords, cables, adapters, thumbdrives, tools, pens, zipties, and miscellaneous doodads I carry and need in my daily life as a "hard target" and IT professional, and still stay comfortable wearing it. It's made for "quick deployment" of your concealed firearm. It is large enough, and has pockets made to accommodate, full-sized bulletproof plates (And custom-made ones are available for the bag). The inside is velcro-friendly, and I've been able to make neat modular compartments within to hold power bricks, laptops and tablets still. It's a great bag if you're willing to find ways to adapt it to your lifestyle. I do a lot of walking and playing Pokemon Go when I am not working and commuting. It's comfortable enough to support ~20 lbs. worth of stuff on one shoulder, without causing cramping. And it looks cool and unassuming, doesn't have that "tacticool" look, just looks like something a snowboarder would use, which is good if you're into that whole Gray Man design philosophy. Check it out:
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Check this out. I worked in hospital IT for a long time and this was the bag I used to carry all my tools and my laptop (It's rather small). I got it in the grey with blue stitching, which I am not sure is available anymore.
Yup, I’ve got a Maxpedition Gearslinger (forget which name) that this pack is copied from. Love it for scouting from base camp or trips on a train, etc. but wrong form factor/ergos for the EDC bag I’m looking for. It is a great “in between” pack when a backpack is too much but a hip pouch isn’t enough.
I use a MOAB 10 by 5.11. If you do plan on ever getting a CCW, it has a hidden Velcro pouch between the compartments. It works great and is perfect for my Sig P365 and also fit my G19 flawlessly. I love it and it has color options.
Also, what country are you in? I had a CCW and it wasn't as bad as you are describing.
Kalifornistan aka ”the PRC” - People’s Republic of California. And I’m in a coastal area where 99.99% of people crap their pants at the mere thought of guns and will un-friend you if they know you own one. I think 3 CCW permits have been issued in my county in 5 years, all of which went to rich celebrity donors to the Sheriff’s election.
Very interesting idea - essentially a battle belt with a bunch of accessories and a pack with MOLLE attachment points. Love the idea. Unfortunately only 4 backers and 14 days to go...
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It's a shoulder sling bag and they come in various sizes, this was just an example. I guess it does have tactical in the name, so you can obviously kill someone with it. I can understand why you wouldn't want to be seen with it. Without the sarcasm though, the molle straps are ridiculously handy. I have a smaller similar sling bag that I use regularly and wouldn't buy anything without the molle. If you need to clip your pocket knife or pen to something to free up a hand, molle. If you want to put your sunglasses somewhere so they don't get dropped, molle. If you want to strap another small pouch onto your bag, molle. There's any number of uses for it. I'm honestly surprised I don't see more EDC folks carry it. Isn't the whole point of EDC as a noun to have what you need when you need it?
Yea, I actually have a very similar “scout sling” bag (in camo, naturally) that I love for hikes or scouting trips while hunting from a base camp. Basically it’s a small backpack. I might go this route but it’s bigger than I think I want for EDC. It fails the “set it on the table in the restaurant” test. Ugh... maybe there simply is no solution that doesn’t look like a damned purse...
Crumpler makes some excellent cross body bags, I have a wonder weenie and its been mine for 20 years and still going strong, it all depends what layout you want in it.
Thanks - I’d forgotten about Crumpler bags. I’ll check them out (though the wonder weenie is bigger than what I’m looking for)
Ok so I know my post was a littl on the TL;DR side, but no one has any suggestions?
Find a woman to carry a purse for you...might as well rock a fanny pack instead of a nurse unless your going for the euro trash look.....if your dead set on a bag Osprey makes a smaller messenger back and some smaller backpacks, great bags no questions asked lifetime warranty
Thanks. I have a feeling you might be right; all the bags I’m finding that fit my description (like the Tumi alpha bravo bags) are very Euro metro-sexual looking, and that’s definitely NOT the look I’m going for. Wish I could find something that just kinda disappears. If maxpedition made a Versipack that was 1/2 the size of their others it might work well...