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C'mon Massdrop...seriously, not that one again!

Could the folks at Massdrop kindly find something other than Nuforce and SMSL products? I'm not suggesting that either of these brands don't deserve their fair share of drops; but, the community lately seems to have become the equivalent of those brands' AliExpress pages. My mother always said "everything in moderation." It's really time to start finding some other brands and showing some moderation with Nuforce and SMSL. Get back to your roots. Find the best of the best and negotiate some kickass pricing for us. How about a Massdrop made xXDSD from iFi or a Polyx in collaboration with Chord Electronics? We know it's hard work and time consuming but when MD does things like this the community ends up with things like the HD6xx that sells out in hours instead of selling six units over the course of a three week drop. Seriously, if I can buy it on Amazon for close to the MD price then it's really not a drop that should be worth considering let alone offering. I'm not even sure why we have the KZ drops when they are asking people to pay more and wait longer than the product would cost on Amazon and be delivered in two days. Recycling the same products from the same companies pretty much says "we've given up, so here's a trinket for you to consider.' You're better than this, Massdrop. You know it and so do we.


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