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Who used some of the newer premium cast iron?

I have been looking at the newer generation of cast iron skillets from the premium foundaries like Field and Stargazer. It is very hard to choose a new skillet at these pricepoints when you cannot hold or see them in person. Do you own one? If so, why did you choose the one you did? What do you like or dislike about it? If you had it to do over again, would you buy a different cast iron skillet or something totally different? TIA, Sid
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Well, I have two, an original FINEX with lid, and a Greater Goods one with lid. Most of the features of the Finex don't really work out, aside from the machined smooth bottom. The coil part of the handle stays cool, but is too small for me to pick up such a heavy pan, though it does let you move it around the stove easily. Lid fits well. The Greater Goods one is the winner, much cheaper, fully machined inside (aside from the spout on either side), a bit smaller, much lighter. Then again, I've not cooked with it yet, so, perhaps there is some horrible flaw, but, it will be the 4th cast iron pan for me, so I believe it will work out just fine (I have the pan, but I've moved, housemates have their pan on the stove which is a nice one, so no need, but I really should test the thing). So, liking the Greater Goods
Thanks Chaostrophy! I have a Greater Goods 12" skillet headed my way. It looks like they are nicely machined and much lighter than the common everyday Lodge cast iron most people have.

I think mine is a 10"