New Shelf Speakers Help!!!

Hey my old speakers have taken their last breaths. I want to get some new ones but I don't know enough about shelf speakers. I want to spend between 200-250 and get my money's worth. I'd really prefer a pair rather than a single and I need it to have RCA ports. I would really appreciate any suggestions!

Feb 17, 2017
Not sure if you are still here and shopping, but i was goingm to suggest the current drop for the JBL LSR305, but be aware they are rear-ported, so need a little room behind them to breathe. If you are serious about actually putting on a shelf up against a wall, you are better off with a front-ported or sealed monitor.
Jan 20, 2017
The price point seems tricky--usually I look to Monoprice for bang-for-buck audio needs. They have a variety of shelf speaker options these days, including a bi-amped pair for $200 with RCA line-in inputs, USB in, and Bluetooth to switch to your phone/tablet. They come with an infrared remote to control volume and source. Link:
Audioengine A2+ is popular at that price and has the connections you need. Crutchfield has them for $250 a pair. Link:
Saw the title and thought bookshelf speakers... not desktop speakers. Sorry I don't have much to contribute in that price range. If you are looking for self-powered the audioengine is pretty good but they are designed as near-field speakers meaning you will be sitting 2-4 or so feet from them. As far as SQ only I would go Emotiva Airmotiv 4's but those run a little north of your price range and do not include a DAC or bluetooth. They also won't have as much bass as the A2+ but will play quite a bit louder and more cleanly.