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Keep Sony for matching lens or change brand?

I have a broken Sony A55 camera with an 18-250 zoom lens, which I love. I was thinking of buying another A-mount Sony camera so I can continue to use the lens. A new A68 sells for around $600. But I'm wondering if it might be better to just sell the lens and buy a different camera /lens bundle, such as Nikon or Canon.

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Hi cgersh - you didn't say what happened to your A55 but I had an A57 that just stopped working, mid-shoot. If I had to guess I'd say the motherboard went bad. I've also had a Sony lens go bad under similar circumstances. I loved these Sony devices while they were working but the experience makes me a little wary of Sony camera products in general. I've never experienced similar issues with the Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Panasonic, etc, cameras I've owned.
I partly share @hyperlinked sentiments on this. You have a nice lens you like on a format that will not be developed any more. I do not know what the situation is for using that lens on a different body with an adapter, but it is something to consider. Now the situation with mirrorless full-frame bodies is really an issue with pro-level and the very highest level of pro-sumer gear. How this affects those of us a bit further down the food chain in the APS-C sensor world is unsettled. As a Nikon DX format user for over 10 years (with a D80 and currently a D7000) I am in a wait and see mode. I have no motivation to buy a new DSLR body for fear of being orphaned, but I certainly am not in the market for a $3K full frame mirrorless body (with new accessories) either. But that does not help you with a dead body. To me this feels like a time to move up to full-frame. Perhaps with a lower-end (or used) mirrorless Sony. Do they have an A-mount adapter for those? I know a DX F-mount lens can be used in a Nikon FX camera body, but it will crop the image down to APS-C size, and it will also work that way in the new Z-mount mirrorless bodies using the F-mount adapter.
Thanks so much for your thoughts on this. After looking at both Nikon and Canon bundles, I decided to look for a good used Sony to fit my lens. I know that it's a short-term answer, but I've also learned that with modern cameras, every answer is short-term.
There is an adapter from a-mount to e-mount. I have a bunch of Minolta lenses as well. It is a great idea to use it with mirrorless.
Sony A Mount is dead. If you stick with an Sony A mount DSLR, you're sinking money into a dead end ecosystem... which is fine if you just want a working camera you like for the next few years and you're not making purchasing decisions with the goal of building up your lens arsenal for future bodies. If you're staying with DSLRs either because you're more comfortable there or that's what your budget allows, you might as well give Nikon or Canon a spin to see if you like the way they handle and if you like the way their menu systems are designed. The future for DSLRs is dim for everyone, but Nikon and Canon are a safer long term bet for DSLRs because both of them have very large established user bases for DSLR cameras whereas Sony is a major player only because their mirrorless cameras have been so far ahead of Nikon and Canon until this year.
Thanks so much for your thoughts on this. Your point about Sony's A Mount is well taken. However, after looking at new Nikon and Canon DSLRs—and given my budget—I decided my best option is to look for a used Sony that will get me through the next few years. Again, thanks for your insights, they helped guide my decision.
Personally, I'd stick with Sony. But that's mostly because I really like Sony's cameras, and because they seem to actually kind of want to push the market forwards. But, it depends on what you want really. If you really like the way a lens handles and works, then stick with the lens. This website has a comparison between the two: If you bought the A55 when it was new, and you like the way that Sony cameras handle, and you really like that lens, then I'd say go for it.
Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply. The comparison website link was very helpful.