Nov 18, 2018

Horizontal Distortion in videos

I tried searching this up on Google, but the only thing that came up was banding, which isn't what I'm looking for. I watch a lot of videos, and sometimes, I see this kind of thing happening when I watch videos. It's never occurred in my own footage, so I'm wondering why this happens with people. This effect happens when he's moving his camera horizontally, it happens during any lighting. This shot is very exaggerated because it happens when he's turning his camera around. What is it and how could you go about fixing it?


You're seeing interlacing artifacts. Interlacing is the process of capturing the even rows in one frame and the odd rows in the next. The alternative is progressive scanning which captures all rows every frame. Because only half the data is captured in each frame, interlacing is often used when a higher frame rate is desired, but the ability to transmit or store the data is limited. Most video editing software has filters to reduce interlacing artifacts, but you can't fix everything in post-production. If possible, shooting progressive scan eliminates this problem.