MP3 Player

Is anyone else on the market for a simple MP3 Player? I'm looking for something with good sound quality and a basic user interface.

Nov 20, 2018
Agreed about the Shanling M0 Music Player. I've had one since when they first came out, and I absolutely LOVE it. I'll be upgrading to the Shanling M5s whenever it's released too, but I ONLY listen to 24-Bit FLACs of my HQ live Recordings now and I can definitely hear a difference between the Hi-Res 24-bit FLACs and a shitty quality MP3. For $110, the Shanling M0 is a no brainier and I like it's sound AND overall functioning better than my Sony NW-A35 Walkman, which was double the price!
Nov 20, 2018
Really like the M0 as well, it pretty much replaced my tablet and Audioquest Dragonfly Red for portable music on the go. Works really well outputting to an amp as well. Favorite combo for my Purplehearts is actually the M0 and Gustard H10 amp. Better bass and punch than a DFR, and with extremely nice blackness, clean sound, and detail. M0 is rediculously small though - mine has slipped more than a few times out of my pockets and hit concrete. Last time it fell out the screen popped out a little, but it pressed back in and stayed. Has quite a few dings in it but still works fine though. It's basically the same size as my Magrette Dual Time, which is an ~42mm bezel watch: Once I get my 3D printer working again going to design a lanyard case for it... that way can have it where it needs to be and not have to worry about it being dropped anymore.
Nov 20, 2018
Here's my cheap and ghetto neck lanyard solution. Just a piece of 350 sized black Paracord, and some cheap black necklace "snap connector's". I have the plastic belt clip too, but this is the best and most reliable method of using my M0 so that it doesn't hit the ground and possibly break everywhere, since it is so TINY and small! If you want me to send you one (free of charge obviously 😉), just send me an email with your mailing address and I'll get it to you soon! I already have a few others made in case I lost them, so I'd be more than happy to send you one until you get your 3D printer up and running again. And make no mistake about it, the black snap connector's may have been AND look cheap, they are rock frickin SOLID!!! You have to really give it some oomph to remove the two ends, so there's NO chance of them coming undone unless you want them to and they will not fall off accidentally! If you have a big head and body, I also have some supplies left to make you a custom length one too 😎👍🎧😇😁 My email is (

Nov 20, 2018
Install hibymusic on your phone and get a FIIO Q1 MKII. Best bang for the buck. Otherwise Hiby R3, Fiio, or Shanling
Shanling and FiiO offer good basic options and support all legacy and modern file codecs. The M0 is a really portable option with high functionality from Shanling.
Nov 19, 2018
Time to move on from the format that has done more to harm music than,, well anything. Move up to FLAC 24 bit level & higher with a nice portable DAP:
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