Please consider iPhone & non-audiophile users on IEM drops

It seems that most IEM drops are for audiophiles not having a mic and iPhone controls. Not all, but most. And this community is where all audio gear comes from for all at massdrop whether we're audiophiles or just audio gear users.
Well there are many of us out there who appreciate good quality but aren't deep into being an audiophile. Yet since all drops come from the community of real audiophiles y'all seem to focus on just audiophile level gear. Many want good cell phone gear that includes taking and making calls. And I would love iPhone button controls too -- I'd guess that there are lots of iPhone users here, and I understand that IEMs with iPhone controls will at least play fine in Androids.
Example, the RE-00 custom made with massdrop: a mic was purposely NOT included. But there are just so many cell phone users that we need to be considered in all IEM drops below $200 (because the odds are good that if you're going to spend more than that, you ARE an audiophile!)
thanks for considering

Feb 10, 2017
So, if the audiophile community is only for audiophiles then why on earth would the Monk's be in this community? It's nice and all, but hey... it is NOT hi-end audiophile's gear.
Feb 9, 2017
earphone and iem are in a different category..... get an earphone/earbud
Feb 6, 2017
well... there's a reason why the section is called "audiophiles". there's a Tech section for everyday tech accessories. Being an "audiophile" community means people here shouldn't listen to music with iems or an iphone in the first place.
That's great, but... it seems that many IEMs etc. are here and NOT in tech. If you really want audiophile to NOT include any IEMs then ... Massdrop needs to make this VERY clear, because I never would have thought of looking for IEMs etc. in Tech because to me "audiophile" was "Audio Gear".
Massdrop -- please clarify these communities!!!
Mass drop has many times included these types of items in the Tech section as mic/volume controls do not appeal to the audiophile crowd. Beyond that buy something from the audiophile section with a replaceable cable and pick up whatever configuration you need. The mic/volume controls are more likely to fail than a plain jane cable... if I am paying good money for an IEM it needs to be replaceable cable or lack those controls if fixed. I never would have bought an IE800 if it had an "i" at the end :)
Exhibit A:
Jan 25, 2017
Having some IEMs in Tech and some in Audiophile makes things very very difficult for users. If I want an etymotic, do I look in Audiophile or Tech? Oh, if it's the one with the mic I should look in Tech and no-mic I look in Audiophile...???
Most of us, I'd think, would just consider "Audiophile" to include all audio gear, and all I was asking was to consider here people wanting audio gear who aren't into hi end audiophile gear.
btw, the X7i is a great IEM for smartphone users. Don't know about that X6i, but I'd guess it's good too.
Add Tech to your "communities" the most relevant drops (according to their algorithm) will appear on your the top of your home page. Personally I say keep that mic garbage out of my music listening. If you plug a non-mic earphone into the iphone it will automatically enable the mic on the phone anyway... this only presents an issue if the phone is in your pocket.
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Jan 23, 2017
I think it comes down to the target audience if they were to put up more mic enabled headphones then who do they cater to? IPhone, Android? It's not a one size fits all. It's also a weak point in the chain usually and as the cost is as low as possible already more cost cutting is just going to reduce overall quality.
Jan 23, 2017
Cost cutting? For $150 and up IEMs? You are joking right. And, in my RE-00 example, cost was specifically NOT the concern. Weak point? The cables where the meet the IEM or jack is generally much more a sore spot.
Sure, it's not one size fits all. If the mic and control is for the iPhone, then almost all modern Android phones will still work just fine -- but only the audio out (see ) which makes it no worse for Android users than no mic/control but DOES provide that functionality for iPhone users. Now, that seems the best choice -- no mic equivalent for Android users and mic/control for iPhone users.
But, my point is that many IEMs on massdrop polls and drops seem to be focused on audiophiles and not so much on smart phone users.
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Jan 23, 2017
I beg to differ on the weak point as most the time the components used for the volume and mic are very poor quality even on an old pair of akg3003i I had the volume and mic part was a huge mismatch in quality. I suppose it's all about meeting demands if the demand was there more companies would do it but until then it's either an android bundle earphone or apple earphone for the majority of people and then have a dedicated listening iem.
Jan 22, 2017
What about the VE Monk? I think Massdrop has done a pretty good job catering to this segment.
Jan 22, 2017
Big difference between earbuds (the monk) and IEMs.