Nov 20, 201881 views

Lamy Fountain Pens

So how do you guys feel about Lamy fountain pens in general. Do you think their higher end pens are acceptable for collectors or no? Personally, my first ever fountain pen and my everyday pen is still a Lamy Al-Star. I think it works great. I would like to hear your opinion.

Lamy Safaris and Al-Stars are fine. Good intro pens. Not the best value at retail prices, though. Same goes for the entire Lamy line-up. Collectors will collect what they'll collect. For some reason Lamy is quite popular with completionists. Lamy don't really offer high-end pens, other than so-called "limited editions" of the Lamy 2000 and the Lamy Imporium. There's also the retractable Dialog 3. Nice pens, but don't exactly make you swoon. No. There's really only one Lamy that stands head and shoulders above the others (not just other Lamys) and that's the standard Lamy 2000, the black Makrolon version.
I agree wholeheartedly. I started my collection with this pen, and it remains one of my favorite. Many years ago my nephew managed to bash it into the wainscoting of my house, and turned the nib in 90 degrees. Amazingly Lamy repaired it, and now I treasure it even more. Can’t say the same with the palladium Studio and gold nib. It’s a nice pen, but if I had to remove it from my collection I don’t think I will miss it.
I quite enjoy using my Lamy CP1 (even though slender pens are not my preference), the ubiquitous Lamy Safari is pretty good for an entry-level pen but I think slightly overpriced, and some of the Lamy Logo models are alright depending on the individual finish. The easily replaceable and interchangeable nibs are a big plus. However, Lamy is not a brand I'll seriously consider when I'm looking to spend €80 or more on a pen.