We're On The Edge Of Snow-shoe Season, Kids!
......no electricity for a couple days, but it sure was pretty! 'tis the Season to condition up your snowshoes, re-explain the word "Mush!" to the Sled-terriers.... Buff up your Tactical Titanium Ice Axe and string up those Massdrop X Walmart Holidaytwinkle Lights.... Slay the traditional Squanto Day turkey with your tactical spork, win your fight for that last tin of cranberry sauce on the shelf, and crack those knuckles in prep for besting your best on the TacticalMechanical keyboard of Black Friday Vs. Credit Card Event..... This is no time for politics around the Sacrificial Turkey. It's the time for turning inward and exploring your connections to Family and how that is something different for everybody and even how far that extends outward across the internet and the iPhone. (or Android, we're not partisan here.)* It's the time for making sure the house is adequately vented if you're using a kerosene space heater. Stay Safe, Warm, Merry. Bright, at Peace.....Love...... Happy Holidays, Massdroppies! -TiffanyHoHoHo Poodleslide
*or Huawei or G**gle or whatever. I'm NOT going to list them all.
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