Nov 21, 201896 views

Any chance of further Android: Netrunner bundles?

I jumped at a chance to grab the Flashpoint and Mumbad cycles, and would love to grab Kitara as well. I'd also love to see the deluxe expansions (I'm missing Honor and Profit, Order and Chaos, and of course Reign and Reverie) as well. I know supply is drying up, but I'd really love to know whether Massdrop buyers have any leads on those products, and just want to give a general sign of interest. Anyone else with me?
Christopher Hanudel, Francisco Alves, and 8 others

Just commenting to add to the fervor. Keep them Netrunners comin’.
I need every deluxe except D&D, and Terminal. I also need the Red Sand and Kitara cycles. Another core wouldn't be bad either as I only have 1. Or perhaps I should try buying singles instead for that? Gimme all the drops I can get!