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Help Needed: Last-Minute Vegan Desserts

Are you a procrastinator when it comes to the kitchen? Did you agree to take care of dessert for a mostly vegan party today/tomorrow/this weekend/whenever and you haven't done anything about it yet? Then you may be a little like me. I've got a few ideas to scramble and get a vegan pumpkin pie recipe going, but if any of you have any quick hits for humoring a horde of hungry, hungry herbivores do let me know.
Please share your vegan (or even vegetarian) dessert recipes, links, pictures below.
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lol....what an odd's like you were probably going to a family thanksgiving and figured you'd tie it in to work and some mythical world where "mostly vegan" parties are a common enough occurrence to justify this post. i mean thanks, it looks good and all, just a bit odd way of going about it/phrasing it.... happy holidays and soon to be merry Christmas!
That is exactly what happened haha, though I don't consider it work so much in this case. When it comes to niche stuff like this I prefer to ask here. And if you ever want some bomb roasted strawberries: Have some of that with some coconut ice cream. That's what we ended up going with. If that's what you're into. Happy Holidays!
Unfortunately I don't have and good recipes on hand, but there is a local vegan bakery that makes absurdly good cheesecake. I'm pretty sure they ship their goods as well.
My girlfriend recently made this cake. I'm a devout carnivore and I highly approve!
Oh dang, it looks amazing.
Feeling a bit inspired now. Greatly appreciate it.
Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are a favorite of mine.
Thank you, sir!