Nov 22, 2018123 views

Final E2000 vs Sony XBA-10 Heelp!!

Hey everyone!! I am 15 and I would like to buy a budget earbud for Christmas I have come to a conclusion between the Final E2000 and the Sony XBA-10 which one do you recommend for me I listen to hip hop and rap mostly. I am now just concerned of the bass on the Sony XBA-10.


I'm not 100% sure what price range you are looking at, and I also can't say I have listened to either of those earphones. However, in my experience, I have found that headphones using only balanced armatures are a bit dead in the sub-bass region and lack the satisfying bass punch that dynamic drivers offer. So unless you absolutely must have crystal clarity, maybe give the Sony ones a miss. What I will recommend to you are Audio-Technica's CKS-550X's, which I got for $45 AUD (about $33 USD). They have seriously good bass extension and quality and are very audible even down at 25Hz. The highs are also fairly detailed and the soundstage is decent. They are pretty much my favourite fun sounding earphone.
Not sure on the Final earphones, but the Sony ones (I had the XBA-1, which is pretty similar) are very light on the bass area (Balanced Armature driver) as you said. It seems the other ones are made with a dynamic driver? And apparently you are into a bassy music genre, so probably you should choose some dynamic buds. Probably there are other options around the same price which some members around here can suggest.