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IEM Hygiene

It's not pretty but someone has to do it. How do you keep your IEMs, CIEMs, and even headphones clean?
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Good thread, lots of good products out there I didn’t know about that I’ll be investigating further. Thanks for putting this up.
Alcohol disposable swabs. Where I work it is required stuff. I just come to work and use those. Works great.
As a guy who owns both UIEMs and CIEMs, alcohol swabs is the way to go. That and I have access to a small vacuum that allows me to remove any ear wax, particles stuck in my bores.
For CIEMs, I usually swab my stuff ever alternate week. For UIEM, I try to swab it whenever I pass it around for hygiene purposes /
baby wipes work great with the stuff you can't detach and rinse
Silicone tips are easy to clean. You an just soak or wipe them. If you're getting gunk inside, maybe you should clean your ears regularly? I do this (out of habit) so I never get earwax on my IEMs, inside or out. I also don't sweat and have a general lack of oil so I don't need to clean often, and end up just dry wiping everything down once in a while with a microfiber cloth. Tips do get cleaned with mild soap and water occasionally.
Well...for my Comply tips, I simply throw them out and put a new set on... I've experimented with removing them, running them under warm water and letting them dry out. Yes it works, but I don't recommend that.
As for headphone pads...a good leather cleaner and or spare velour pads.
Also, eyeglass cleaning wipes work great as well for the silicone tips.
nothing but my shirt and spit
I simply soak my silicone tips in soapy water for a while, then "flush" the gunk out with a moist Q-tip. My IEMs have removable filters so they get a shallow wet clean + dry too. That said, I haven't used the IEMs in... I don't know, maybe 10 months or so.
For headphones, simple lint free cloth wipes. For leather pads, mostly dry wipes with lint free cloth, slightly moist once in a while too though (like once in two-ish months).
the tips get a little bath in H2O2 every now and then
This is great, thanks!
Silicone earbuds gets a wash every now and then, usually with warm water and some detergent. The nozzle and filter gets a gentle brush with a lens cleaning brush to clear it of any earwax buildup. occasional spray and wipe housing with microfiber cloth (sometimes with alcohol & ammonia free cleaning solution but only if it gets really dirty or handled by oily hands)
I get a little (maybe a lot) OCD when it comes to keeping my headgear clean. IEM cables will get wiped down with a scrap of paper towel and alcohol, especially if it's a hot day out. The tips I figure actually don't get as oily/sweaty as cables, but I will wipe them down on a cloth (or my shirt) after every use. I'm usually pretty good at swabbing out my ears regularly, so never have issues with wax on the tips.
With headphones, I'm even worse. I *hate* the feeling of grime, and I already have oily skin to begin with, so velour pads are straight out. Leather or pleather for me all the way, and even then I take them off a couple times an hour to do a quick wipe on whatever cloth I have handy (usually a small terry cloth I use as a wrist wrest with my mouse pad, or my shirt). If I'm at home and have the luxury of time, I'll actually give my face a quick wash. If I've been doing yardwork or something and am sweaty, I won't put on my good headphones at all. My best time for listening is in the evening after I've showered and feel "clean". This is pretty much the only time I'll wear velour earpads if leather isn't an option (such as with the Sennheiser HD650).
When I sell used gear and say they are in good condition, I mean it!
Definitely a microfiber cloth, with no liquids at all
I clean them regularly with this: https://www.amazon.com/Audiowipes-Disinfectant-Towelettes-100-Bag/dp/B000YL3V5G?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0
Not sure how effective it is though, so far seems to be good and it's been a while since the last time I got ear infection :)
Windex Electronic wipes and the wax tool. My IEMS don't get as much use and I rotate a lot so nothing gets too dirty.
Joke's on you - everything I use is cheap plastic. For the pads/earpieces, I use a wet tissue followed by a microfiber cloth
hahaha I thought you were going to say you just buy cheap IEMs and throw them out when they get gunked up.
I also thought he was going that route. Ha.
I tend to use the earwax tool that came with my CIEMs. Usually just a lint cloth for my headphones (no cleaner to protect the materials - wood / plastic).